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Life couldn't get much worse for News Producer Tim O'Hara. He humiliates the one he loves, Brace Channing and ends up getting fired by her father. Then, a Martian from Mars arrives in his home. The Martian adopts the name 'Uncle Martin' and becomes friends with Tim, whilst he fixes his ship. Unaware to Martin, Tim actually wants to reveal him to the world, but can he actually do that to his new friend and 'Uncle'?


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I have always had a big soft spot for this whacky sci-fi Family comedy since seeing it at the cinema way back in 1999!!!"My Favourite Martian" is a Disney production & that means it's a beautiful looking & expensive movie with fantastic special effects & fun silly humour but with a big heart.This is based on the old 60's t.v series which i had never seen so i always judged this fun film as it is, a big budget summertime fantasy comedy that anyone can & should enjoy!!!

I've always liked Jeff Daniels since his great performance in the 1990 Classic Arachnophobia & later in the hilarious Jim Carrey Comedy Dumb & Dumber, he's a funny guy in a straight faced type of performance & here he's good fun as News producer Tim O'Hara who gets mixed up with a being from out of space, a strange Martian played by a very funny Christopher Lloyd who ends up playing his Uncle Martin while on Earth, IT'S a fun whacky part for the great Christopher Lloyd who is legendary at playing whacky & eccentric characters like his Doc Brown from the Back to the Future films. "Uncle Martin" has a sidekick with him, a super slick silver & stretchy space suit named Zoot voiced by Wayne Knight (Jurassic Park, SpaceJam) & the rest of the cast is rounded out by a solid & fun cast with the beautiful & seductive Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers) Daryl Hannah (Memoirs of an invisible man) & Wallace Shawn (Toy Story, Haunted Mansion) all who seem to be having a good time & i love Jeff Daniels apartment it's Awesome!!!There's just a nice sweet & feelgood vibe to this fantasy adventure & it's beautifully shot with it's summertime look & suburban settings & some lovely scenes by the beach side & a nice musical score that compliments everything.The special effects are very good, especially for it's time when computer effects hadn't completely taken over yet but they look great still & i love the nice buddy chemistry between Daniels & Lloyd & that gives the movie it's sweet good-hearted nature & there's just a nice sense of fun & plenty of fun adventure scenes & great chemistry between Daniels & Lloyd, wish they made a sequel as i love these two together.A genuinely just enjoyable fantasy comedy for the whole family, so just chillout & have some fun.Pure 90's fun.

I actually found it to be funny

I might be crazy but I did actually enjoy this film is it a perfect film? No but did I like it? Yes

I never seen the original show so I didn't have any high hopes or anything of that nature going into this film. I just remember seeing it on PPV for the first time with the family back in 1999 so It was a film I would just sit back relax and enjoy.

Jeff Daniels, Christopher Lloyd,Daryl Hannah, Elizabeth Hurley Wallace Shawn star in this Family/comedy from Disney. Also features Wayne Knight in a Uncredited voice role as the voice of Zoot

I actually enjoy the film for having some creative humor and the plot did hold my interest. I do think they could have done the film without a few of the "JOKES" they made in the film but the rest do work

If you don't take this movie seriously you might actually find it funny because I did and yes it's not a perfect movie but I have seen worse

I give My Favorite Martian an 7 out of 10

Boring Saturday afternoon fare

For the first time in about 13 years, I sat down to see this movie which I had not seen since elementary school. Unfortunately, the 25 cents I spent on a VHS copy at the local thrift shop was wasted. well, maybe not, that 25 cents will go to feed some poor guy.

My favorite martian is based upon the TV series from the early 60's, starring Christopher Lloyd as uncle martin, and Jeff Daniels as Tim O'Hara. Tim O'Hara is a news reporter who is paired up with the station manager's daughter, a spoilt brat. One night, Tim witnesses a UFO crash and brings the only evidence home - a shrunken UFO. The UFO's driver sneaks into his car invisibly, and makes Tim's life a living hell for a little while.

Now admittedly, there are some good jokes and one-liners lying around in this movie, but they're few and far between, and they only get a chuckle out of me personally. and if you know the writers (Sherri Stoner and Deanna Oliver, who both worked on Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs) They definitely could've done a lot better.

My favorite person throughout the whole thing was Wallace Shawn, who plays coleye, a scientist who is as weird as his voice. You might recognize the voice from the Toy story movies, as Rex.

This movie failed where it's appeal was aimed. They were trying to appeal to the adults that watched the series back in the 60's but were also trying to appeal to kids with the blatant toilet humor, but remember the old proverb - if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

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