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8.6 / 10 
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Directors: Mark Dooley [Director] ,

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A look at the theatre world's 'super fans' and the lengths they will go to illustrate their devotion to the hit shows and the stars that appear on the world stages.


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Right out of the box, this is not a particularly good or inciteful doc. It basically profiles two nuts. One in Germany and one in the US.

You learn a bit about the German woman but not so much about the American.

I was bored before teh midpoint.

But I have to say there is a a real a-hole review here from a clown who says this wasnt "inclusive." Was he expecting a bunch of trannies dressing up or gay guys prancing around and since they arent in this he's upset? How stupid. Not everything is about you and your agenda.

I wish I could give this doc a better review just to spite your self centered mono-fixated asss.

Great doc for what it is

And what it is is a documentary about theatre souvenir/ memorabilia collectors (don't wanna say hoarders even tho I do because they're organized in the collecting and it's for a specific passion). I can understand the love for theatre it's sad knowing these people are trying to have a piece of theatre that they weren't able to pursue themselves.

Can you see the same musical too many times?

That seems to be question documentarian Mark Dooley is posing in this skilled first feature. In his considerately balanced investigation he certainly finds superfans that would support the argument that fanaticism can turn to unhealthy obsession. Yet along the way he also uncovers that the love of sitting in a darkened auditorium absorbing musical theatre goodness, can not only allow us to find a world that feels like home, but one that brings those of like minds together in a wonderful way, no matter how many times they may have seen a show.From Broadway, to the West End, Australia and Germany, this fascinating documentary covers the globe and the gamut of musical theatre goodness and ends on a feel good note of discovery that's an absolute delight. I've already repeat attended Repeat Attenders and can't recommend it more highly, especially to music theatre lovers.
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