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Crime | Horror
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81 min
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3.2 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Caissie [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Left alone for the night in their new orchard farmhouse, three teenage sisters soon find themselves at the mercy of some unscrupulous townie boys. The tables are turned, however, when the malevolence that roams the orchard starts to hunt down the boys.


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Doesn't bear fruit.....

"The Orchard" or "Hunters Moon" or whatever this film is actually called, does not bear fruit. Well lets just say nothing overly palatable, anyway.

Aside from the inexplicable presence of Thomas Jane who i have a lot of time for, there is little to hang your hat on. The story is thin and characterisations, a little clumsy. It also takes far too long to get off the ground, in what is essentially a B grade horror flick.

Interesting twist in the end but in most respects, this is very ordinary fare.


Great story, but lighting

The movie has serious lighting issues, where you can barely see what is happening or the characters in this film. Majority of the film is way too dark to see.

Better than expected

This movie is about the right length for what it is and was a decent enough watch.

Sure, there could've been a bit more werewolf action but it was enjoyable and not nearly as bad as some other reviews would have you believe.
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