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Action | Sci-Fi
Frame Rate:
24 fps
English 2.0  
Run Time:
97 min
IMDB Rating:
3 / 10 
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Directors: Thijs Meuwese [Director] ,

Movie Description:
It is the year 2027, eight years after the first outbreak of The Sickness, a highly contagious, adaptive and lethal virus. The world is now run by a pharmaceutical corporation called The Company, which distributes a treatment for the virus but charges a high price for it, putting the majority of people in a state of poverty and dependence. David Oscar is done fighting. He has lost all hope and hides in a small illegal clinic. David is a former member of The Flux, a rebel movement depicted as a terrorist organization in the media. The Flux believes The Company itself is responsible for The Sickness. After years of hiding from his past, David is found by members of The Flux, who persuade him to take part in an important mission that they believe will lead to a cure for The Sickness. What they discover, when breaking into a secure facility of The Company, is not a cure to The Sickness, but only a young girl called Molly. She has been held captive, and was subjected to Company experiments...


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Average science fiction about virus, treatment and cure !

Storyline is usual not new. Presentation also average. Story plot is not large half of movie only based on fighting sequences till end that seems very long. It should have shorten to make an effect. Actors and actresses are some weird. Overall it is time pass watchable. Nothing new and could be skipped.

Sci fi barf fest

Seemed like a decent sci fi flick.Nice props. Effects not too bad.Camera works are the worst. Shaky as heck. Every sequence shakes... even when they are having conversation, the camera had to shake...i feel like throwing up watching this film.If the DP has parkinsons, please hire another.Kill mode killed my appetite.

Worst Ever Directing and Acting

I have seen bad movies, this one takes the cake; horrible camera man-shaky through out the movie. B-rated acting. I would have given half a star, but no option.Looks like these actors have no formal acting training.Concept is great but not properly applied.If James Cameron had the same concept, it would have had high rating.
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