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Adventure | Drama
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86 min
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6.8 / 10 
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Directors: Jack Bond [Director] ,

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Pet Shop Boys Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant embark upon a journey across England - but which England? Is it the half-remembered England of their childhoods, or the brutal reality of Mrs Thatcher's late-eighties England? Along the way they come across many familiar (and sinister) faces. The movie also features some of the Pet Shop Boys' most popular records.


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An inexplicably forgotten title

On the back of releasing their album 'Actually', which plays like a greatest hits and includes the iconic "It's a Sin", PSBs decided to release this musical, feature length music video, depending how you'd like to look at it.As a film, it is disjointed, pretentious, with some fairly dreadful dialogue, delivered mostly in Neil Tennant's dull monotone.As a music video, it's perfect, full of odd and surreal goings on, with a few hand fulls of sexual innuendo, interspersed with catholic imagery, nuns in suspenders, a killer priest, Barbara Winsor, an appallingly over the top used car salesman and Clacton acting as the backdrop, the not so proverbial coastal town that they forgot to close down.We all know the landscape, and the songs, fast forward the bad bits by all means, but It Couldn't Happen Here, It's a Sin, Heart, Suberbia and One More Chance will each leave you encapsulated and wondering why more bands don't give this a try. Flawed yes, but Neil and Chris, thank you for give us this.

such a twisted surrealistic adventure...

I love this film...its so odd. Filmed in part at Clacton By The Sea...a coastal town north east of London. A place i used to summer at when i was a child and living in Colchester.

The movie is full of strange and funny ramblings...hilarious one liners...theatrical delivery of "classic" Pet Shop Boys songs.

This movie reminds me of other artists such as Laurie Anderson or Mikel Rouse.

The (vague) plot is somewhat hard to follow (as it is intentionally designed being a surrealistic (pop) "art" peace).

Characters are amusing and the dance numbers...right out of the mid 80's mtv craze...reminds one of the elaborate videos of Micheal Jackson or Madonna.

If you like the pet shop boys....if you remember fondly (and perhaps with some embarrassment) the 80's. This is great! As far as i know this film is long out of print... however one can easily find it as a rather small torrent file on the web for immediate download.

Seek it out if you like the odd and the unusual...and 80's disco pop!! -k

A surreal and wonderful gift from Lowe, Tennant, Leutenant!

A real gem of an indie film. British, with great production value, lots of strange dollying shots and some fisheye shots too. The look of it is like a sparce and cheaply-made Terry Gilliam film, with a minimal and very absurdist plot filled with odd references to the Pet Shop Boys songbook, their childhoods, and their love for surrealist art, kitsch gay, biker, slapstick, and Derek Jarman films, as well as touches of Steven Wright jokery and some nice colors. I've got this on tape, and yes, you can't find it anywhere! The Pet Shop Boys are brilliant! Now, if they did it again, they should come up with a real script, and have someone like Baz Luhrmann or better yet David Cronenberg make it. Horrific, asexual, glamorous, poppy, tripped-out, and often quite, quite funny. Neato!
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