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Drama | Fantasy
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24 fps
Italian 5.1  
Run Time:
120 min
IMDB Rating:
6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Matteo Garrone [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Live-action adaptation of the classic story of a wooden puppet named Pinocchio who comes to life.


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realism to Pinoccio

It was crude, it was scary, grotesque, funny, sad... and I love it.... the cinematography, the acting, the costume designs, all was top notch... all I Can say without spoiling is Bravo and go watch it.

The Original Tale Comes to Life

I think a lot of people were expecting the Walt Disney version of the story. Go back and read the original before you rate this film. It's also in Italian which probably set off some viewers. It's fairly simple Italian and I managed OK with Italian subtitles, the only ones I had available that were in synch.

Visually stunning at every turn. The Italian classic is finally brought to life on the screen. It's probably not the best fare for younger kids, but that's how the story went, folks.

I loved all of the characters and every one stands out.

Film Review - Pinocchio (2019) 7.5/10

"What simply works here is the reification of a mythical realm that is inhabited by both humans and zoomorphic beings, from the first glimpse of Pinocchio, a young boy seems to be entirely enclosed by a wooden veneer, it is difficult to tell this vivid effect is generated by special makeup artifice or digital rendering in the post-production (the result is a synergy of both though), and the whole impression goes a bit uncanny when Pinocchio joins other human-size, string-attached puppets, grotesquery is on show but no malignancy is brewing underneath, the real menace and treachery is in the presence of Fox and Cat (Ceccherini, the co-scribe and Papaleo), epitomizing the vice of adulthood, plus a sideswipe about the injustice that deems innocence as a crime."

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