Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution (2020) 1080p

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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Tamarin Gerriety [Director] ,

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Definitely helped simplify and dymisitfy crypto currency and the issues that surround it. Informative, awareness expanding and great story telling. Incredible work putting everything together!


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about btc

The documentary misses to clear up the confusion which evolution Bitcoin went through in the last three years. Another criticism are the edited Interviews with Lorien Gamaroff, CEO of Centbee Wallet. It is a poor attempt to take his time and voice in 2019 but editing out everything that would explain to the audience why he is now building on a different version of Bitcoin the documentary decided to completely denial. Documentaries like this promoting cleverly false promises and are responsible for the delay and failure BTC has become.

"Oh my word this is so bad" -my roommate

If you don't know anything about Bitcoin don't watch this doccie because all it will do is confuse you.

The documentary doesn't fulfill the purpose of explaining what bitcoin is OR why it can help Africa.

It's confused from start to finish and has very little direction. It has terrible descriptions of what bitcoin is. The narrator sounds like she's reading off of a piece of paper.

Just terrible. Rather watch Banking on Bitcoin (which is the original doccie that this one copies).

Blind optimism on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

The documentary represents a hopeful but one-sided view on bitcoin and the supposed impact on the African continent. Only the possible positive impacts are strongly underlined without representing the problems and shortcomings of the technology itself. As of this day not one large-scale blockchain solution has been able to resolve real-world problems, despite massive investments. The slowness of the network and the excessive energy demands are real blocking problems and are not addressed. Other already existing payment systems that do work like M-Pensa are not mentioned either.

I would like to participate in the optimism of some of the people in this documentary, but reality is telling us a different story.
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