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On June 4th, 2004, a sixty-three-ton bulldozer, fortified with steel and concrete, systematically destroyed numerous businesses and homes in the small mountain town of Granby, Colorado. The rampage lasted over two hours and resulted in more than eight million dollars in damage. State and local police were incapable of even slowing the machine. Though it was armed with three high-powered firearms, no one but the driver was killed. His name was Marvin Heemeyer. TREAD explores the polarizing perspectives on this man, his motives, and what drove him to the breaking point.


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Excellent movie about a man's revenge again oppression.

Excellent movie about a man's revenge again oppression.

Shame on you!

Not one word throughout this entire documentary about the fact that this man was obviously suffering from mental illness. All the people interviewed wash their hands of any responsibility. All the comments are about how they did nothing wrong by him, but what about what they could have done right by him! It would have been apparent to this whole town that Heemeyer was not well, but did anyone do anything about it?No one does what he did unless you are not well and had someone put their hand out and tried to comfort him and/or help him, then things might have turned out differently.So often I see examples in the USA of how guns are considered the only way to deal with a crisis. Did anyone try to communicate with him on the day?The other reviews here just glorify the spectacle of a maniac rampaging through a town and destroying everything in his path, as if it is some action movie or video game to be admired and enjoyed.Why was there not one moment of discussion in this film about the mental illness and trauma that this man was suffering from. His recordings are a clear indicator that he was suffering from paranoia and dellusions.It is no wonder that the US is looking more and more like a failed state these days. The mentality of so many Americans beggars belief by so many around the world.This is not an action film or a video game, but a missed opportunity to explore the real reasons behind why this went so horribly wrong, and pay at least just a little respect to the man this documentary is based on.

An excellent documentary

I don't usually like to watch documentaries but this one caught my attention because it was a kind of revenge thing. It was a well-written and a well-thought out 'film' and it is worth watching.What a pity that Reagan died the following day!
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