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Drama | Sport
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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: Abhishek Kapoor [Director] ,

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The story goes around the three friends who start a business, also providing coaching classes and tuition. Omi asks for help with his uncle, who is also a political leader, to start this business. Govind provides tuition classes to some children and Ishaan gives cricket coaching. They come to meet a boy, Ali who is gifted with hyper-reflex. Ishaan then starts special coaching for the boy so that the country gets a new star player. But unexpected things happen suddenly and the story takes a turn.


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a 'good slice of life' type film

'Kai Po Che' chronicles the life of 3 friends in Gujarat(India) & how their dreams, passion, friendship and brotherhood undergo various upheavals thereby changing the dynamics of their relationship in the face of natural disaster, religious strife's & politics of Gujarat. The lead actors in the film are new & young but has given a terrific performance.

Kai Po Che's script is more like a chapter of book rather than a story in whole but nevertheless the director is successful in showcasing chetan bhagat's book in a fluid manner. At no point the film becomes monotonous nor the script is dragging but it keeps you interested the whole time wanting for more. Audiences will surely recall '3 idiots' when the film begins.

Best Adaptation Movie in Indian Cinema

Who said Indian's cannot adapt a novel to movie. This is one of the best adaptation in Indian cinema. This story is one of the best Indian novel. This is the second Chetan Bhagat's novel adapted for the silver screen after "Five points someone" (made a block buster in World cinemas list as "3-Idiots" directed by Rajkumar Hirani). Many people don't know what happened in Gujarat including me. Gothra train incident, election incident etc. Chetan Bhagat wrote this story in 2008. He is also one of the Screenplay writer for this movie. Directed by "ROCK ON" Abhishek Kapoor. Screenplay is really good. They have connected each and every incidents very well: Friendship, Love, Passion, and Revenge. Good casting also: Omi, Ish, Govi, Vidhya and Ali. I like the Ishaan character played by Sushant Singh Rajput. The real passion about cricket. Finally: Must watch Movie. .. 9.5/10.

A journey down the memory lane

I have always been an avid follower of IMDb ratings and reviews. But this movie made me write my first review. I read the actual book quite some time back and was not sure about what to expect from the movie. Eventually that helped me getting sunk into the mesmerizing world of simplicity and friendship much deeper. I still remember the moment when I came out of the movie hall. I found myself standing in the middle of nowhere. I was not able to relate myself to the traffics and cars and buildings and roads and malls of Bangalore. Far from my home, my mind was still completely soaked up with the memories of my childhood, playing cricket in the narrow lanes in my hometown with my friends I am hardly in touch with.

'Nostalgic' is the word if I have to express my thoughts about this movie. More than than the movie, which anyway for sure is and will be one of the best 'buddy movies' ever made in bollywood, I think, it's the detailing with which the three main characters have been portrayed, makes this movie a treat to watch. How they talk, how they react, how they fight, how they dance....I bet you cherish the fond memories of your childhood in every single sequence.. Amit Trivedi's songs were inspiring and tailer-made for the plots..

For me, 'Kao Po Che' was not a movie, rather a key to open the lock of the door of my 'slowly- getting-faded' past, enabling me me to take a pleasant walk down the memory lane..
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