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Mystery | Romance
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95 min
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7 / 10 
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Directors: Sam Yates [Director] ,

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Seeking escape and inspiration, Agatha Christie travels to Baghdad on an archaeological tour. What she finds is turmoil: the world's biggest oil field has just been discovered and Iraq's ancient treasures are under threat. Agatha also finds a charming, naive young archaeologist, Max, who needs her help as a series of murders unfold in the faded grandeur of the villa where they are staying. Has Agatha met her match?


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Unexpected garbage

I expected some value out of an Agatha Christie movie but it was pure garbage. First the lead actress is dull , actually all the cast is made of boring people with no charisma. The plot initially promised a lot but it was just unrealistic and poor designed. The so called romance was a joke.

Thoroughly enjoyable!!!

A very likeable fictional representation of how Agatha Christie met her second husband to be in the context of a murder investigation at a dig in Iraq.All the elements that make her mysteries such perennialy enjoyable readings are here in spades.A fine effort!!!

The story is beautiful the directing is bad

When will you ever guys gonna make a research about the geography of Iraq or the people accent or at least hire Iraqis for these kinds of rolesReally bad choicesIraq is not a desert.. especially in the time the novel take .. its all green and full with marshes
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