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Family | Fantasy
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110 min
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5 / 10 
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Directors: Andy De Emmony [Director] ,

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A group of kids on holiday in Cornwall meet a magical creature on the beach with the power to grant wishes.


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Don't believe the other reviews!

Yes it has a few cheesy moments but the film was well done and the cast did a good job of conveying a very heartwarming story.

For Middle School & Lower

Usual middle school & younger age appropriate hooks - wishes, magic, trouble ("There's consequences." - actually they're pretty tame.); brief romantic hook; feel good ending. Stereotyping of dysfunctional divorced families; kids want parents together the way they were. But, remaining male & female parent of each family have secretly developed a mutual relationship that is brought to light when both groups surprisingly show up at the same vacation spot; predictably, offspring of each don't get along with counterparts, but that'll change.Never found any of the characters likable or interesting; made even more tiresome with not-demanding acting. Bringing them all together was the usual nasty foil character as counterpoint. Oh, and the the wish granter (A well known actor voicing which sounded weird.).

Realistic CGI, fun story. Family Friendly

Inspired by E. Nesbit's 1902 serialized novel called Five Children and It, the movie Four Kids and It is a wonderful fantasy film for all ages that brings the story alive. The CGI seems so real that I believed the Psammead (the creature in the film played by Michael Caine) was actually alive and right there with the actors on the set.

Full of adventure, Four Kids and It is about two families. Each family has two kids and all four kids want their birth parents to get back together. When the two split families meet up for a vacation, the kids find out their parents are dating each other and they absolutely freak out. While being forced to play with each other and to get to know one another, they meet a magical sand creature called a Psammead who tells them that he can grant each of them wishes, but only one a day. Also, the wishes expire at sunset.

Throughout this movie the four kids get to know each other better, become much closer and start to bond more like a real family. There is a man named Tristan Trent (Russell Brand), who lives in a mansion on the island that they all go to for their vacation. For generations, Tristan's family were hunters of rare and unique living creatures on Earth. Tristan and his ancestors have been trying to find the legendary Psammead for decades. When the kids come to the island, he knows that he could use them to track the creature down. If he can lure out and capture the creature, he can finally add it to his family's collection of trophies...and hopefully get in a wish or two as well!

The scenes with the kids each coming up with their own magical wishes and living them out for the day are fun. It also made me wonder what I would wish for if I only had a day to experience a wish.

The message of this film is to be careful what you wish for, but also that sometimes change happens and no matter how bad it seems, that it can offer up new opportunities and maybe create something better than you ever had before.

I give Four Kids and It 5 out of 5 stars, and I recommend it for ages 6 to 18, and adults will love it too! I know my parents sure did.

Reviewed by Lindalee R., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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