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7.1 / 10 
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Directors: Ani Simon-Kennedy [Director] ,

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For teenage Nola (Sabrina Carpenter), home is the open road. Her self-reliant father (Steven Ogg) is her anchor in a life of transience. The pair crisscross the United States in a lovingly refurbished RV, relishing their independence and making ends meet by doing odd jobs. A shocking rupture, though, casts Nola out on her own. She makes her way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in search of a mother she never knew. When her motorhome unexpectedly breaks down, she forges a bond with an auto body shop owner (Danny Trejo), and senses the possibility of mooring her ship in this storm.


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A Movie to feel.. Finding and Msissing Relations

This movie is definetly goes to make you feel from inside to explore meaning and purpose of relations someone explore on the way of oneselfs life.. Heart touching.. little logical relations can become yours for lifetime on the way in your life to whom you can find to stay with forever than ur cold hearted biological relations.

Amazing movie and amazing Sabrina Carpenter

Amazing! The writing was emotional, the cinematography beautiful and the acting incredible. Sabrina Carpenter didn't need many lines to bring the character to life, her performance was strong and heartwarming. Look forward to seeing her in more movies!

Absolutely adore this!!!

I have been in love with sabrinas work since my childhood show girl meets world aired and follow her through her journey. This film hits completely different, it's so emotional and gives a rustic and beautiful vibe of life on the road. Sabrina brought so much emotion and embraced Nola perfectly. The actors are all amazing and all add different characteristics to the movie. It is so touching and the realtionship between Nola and her father is captivating and makes us want to learn more about her and they're life together. We learn the heartbreaking truth behind Nola and her mother. The whole story is so empowering and shows that we can achieve anything that we want! Excellent movie definitely recommend
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