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Comedy | Drama
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119 min
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6.6 / 10 
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Directors: Armando Iannucci [Director] ,

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A modern take on Charles Dickens's classic tale of a young orphan who is able to triumph over many obstacles.


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Not Charles Dickens

So, this is another PC Cultures attempt to rewrite history to exclude certain people. David Copperfield is played by Dev Patel. Enough said? It's funny because several people walked out. I heard murmers of What the Hell is this crap? rustling through the cinema. Dickens would be spinning if he saw this.

Utter rubbish

Let's start with the good bits....visually superb. Everything else was just poor. Don't bother!

Iannucci,"the Master of Political Correctness Gone Mad" strikes !!

One of the constant ongoing mysteries of modern cinema is how Armando Iannucci manages to attract top quality actors to appear in his rubbish films and television programmes. I have to admit straight away that I was never a fan of the profanities of "The Thick of It",fell asleep during "The Death of Stalin" and am an ardent fan of the works of Dickens. So I was never going to give Iannucci an easy ride on his "take" of "David Copperfield" but surely I cannot be the only one to see this film and think it ma travesty of the original source."David Copperfield" was never meant to be a funny book. It was meant to be a clear depiction of life amongst the lower classes during the time that Dickens wrote. The characters were not caricatures but real people. Iannucci has come along and divided the characters quite clearly on racial lines - the bad and the mad are white and the good are not. Spurious justification that "this was how it really was" is laughable.Do not go and see this film if like Dickens. Do not go and see this film if you are expecting a comedy. Do go and see this film if you are a blinkered supporter of "political correctness at ll costs". You'll be the only ones in the cinema laughing.
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