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A woman tries to save her marriage and her life when a sociopathic yoga instructor becomes obsessed with her.


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No thriller at all

The new Lifetime thrillers have been getting less thrilling. Hardly any thing happens. A bit of stalkerish behaviour and then a brief confrontation and it is all over. A sleazy looking yoga teacher gets obsessed with an unhappy woman.Same old.Don't bother.

Delayed action

The action is really delayed, 50 minutes into the movie and the yoga instructor is not yet a psycho, it was a bit overrated

A "different" kind of Lifetime movie - quite good and a little scary!

This movie has a surprising title and baited us to tune it and so we watched. Both the acting and the plot were very strong! Bored housewife goes to yoga class with a friend and finds out the instructor is a psycho who wants to give her private lessons! Uh, oh.......Enjoyable and recommended!
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