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Directors: Joel Schumacher [Director] ,

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When a C.I.A. Agent is killed during a nuclear arms purchase, his partner Oakes (Sir Anthony Hopkins), recruits his twin brother, Jake Hayes (Chris Rock). Jake had no idea he had a twin brother, let alone that he worked for the C.I.A. Jake, a.k.a. Michael Turner, has nine days to fill his brother's place. However, the enemy terrorists learn of his secret identity and kidnap his girlfriend/fiancée. He has to rescue her and save New York City from an imminent nuclear terrorist act.


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Risky Movie, but it Worked Well

7 June 2002. I went into the theater knowing that the critics already panned the movie. But by the time the credits finished, I felt hopeful. The production, cinematography was rich and deep, there was a feeling of seriousness but with a touch of humor. The blending of comedy and spy-thriller is not easy at all to produce and play well. But Anthony Hopkins played a CIA supervisor caught in the middle between someone telling him what to do and Hopkins trying to tell someone else what to do, a rather different angle and change for him. There was a seriousness throughout this movie that made the movie flow with intensity and Chris Rock didn't come across as some super hero. He came across as a serious actor who knows something about humor.

This movie was about relationships, loyalty, about a CIA that was portrayed more real than most movies. The CIA in this movie made mistakes, wasn't invincible, but pressed ahead. I loved this movie, the risks that everyone took on this movie. The critics apparently just didn't understand what they producers and scriptwriters, and what Chris Rock was trying to accomplish here. I don't like Chris Rock usually, but in this movie he really impressed me with his ability to be serious and at the same time funny. This movie was believable, even the bad guy at the end who made a strong statement about "why" there is terror in the world.

But Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins really were the heroes here because what movie really was about was people and what was really important about living. Commendations go to the Director, Chris Rock, and Anthony Hopkins for making a movie, getting out of the box and pushing the envelope by making something real, not superficially dumb. Chris Rock stood up for something that usually gets swept under the rug, and that is respect and devotion. He's not even the hero's hero in this movie and he doesn't try to play a role that's over the top here. And that demonstrates Chris's integrity as a good actor.

Surprisingly Good Movie worth a watch

I saw this movie when it was in theaters years ago and liked it. I rewatched it today and I think it's very entertaining and a fun movie. Now is a good time for a remake as most of the stars are still around and a sequel would be great and fun as well the story almost writes itself. Yes folks would likely charge more for their roles. Still you could work that out with brief appearances of Old girlfriends, retired, agents etc. I look forward to watching.

It's a comedy, no it's drama

A will done chase, a love story, a bit of an old hack, Anthony Hopkins is spry and young-ish. This is not a typical spy hunt. Very fast action. Lots of fast cars. A serious deadline. Twists and turns almost give it some authenticity.
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