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Drama | Film-Noir
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84 min
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6.1 / 10 
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Directors: Harry Keller [Director] ,

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Jaded movie star Vanessa Windsor, saved from a studio accident by handsome extra Chris Farley, pursues him, and soon he's the 'caretaker' of her beach house. Vanessa's sexy, alcoholic adult daughter Penny accidentally meets Chris, who rescues her from an 'octopus' boyfriend. Before you know it, Chris is involved with both mother and daughter, and his only way out is to take a job in a Mexican picture about man-eating orchids...


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A very à propos title.....

Mother and daughter fall for the same guy.... Set in Hollywood, lavish black & white CinemaScope. Hedy Lamar's final movie; Jane Powell neither sings nor dances sin this film. It's an OK melo to watch

Hedy Lamarr's final film is sadly a tawdry melodrama

In her final film appearance, Hedy Lamarr plays an aging movie star (she was only 42 at the time of filming) who is nearly killed by a freak accident on set, but is saved by handsome extra, George Nader, who is oddly named, for modern audiences, Chris Farley. Lamarr falls in love with Nader, but so does her adopted daughter, Jane Powell, who hides the fact from Nader that she's Lamarr's daughter. Maybe there was something in this tawdry material that Douglas Sirk could have salvaged, adding a subtext about class and conformity as he did with "All That Heaven Allows," but director director Harry Keller is no Sirk and the film ends up being a waste of Lamarr's talents and a sad coda for her film career. There's a rather poignant moment near the end of the film when a nurse tells Lamarr's character she always felt she was a better actress than the movies she was given, which is sadly true for Lamarr's own film career. FUN FACT! The Female Animal was the "A" picture that was distributed as a double-bill with the "B" picture being Orson Welles's "Touch of Evil."

Sad swan song for Hedy.

Hedy Lamarr's claim to screen immortality lay mostly on her stunning beauty. As an actress, she was at times very good but only just very good. Often, she was simply a treasure for the eyes.In this, her final film, she can no longer rest her laurels on her much faded beauty. She looks rather ordinary and her hair is totally unflattering as is her make-up. The story is the usual trashy sort of this genre but there's not much to make it bearable. George Nader shaved looks like George Nader shaved and isn't half as sexy as he could have been. Jane Powell is the best thing in this forgettable flick.Poor Jan Sterling could have pepped this stinker up given the right screenwriter. Otherwise the movie feels like a protracted hangover.
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