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Directors: Errol Morris [Director] ,

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Tabloid stories centered on the activities of Joyce McKinney, a former beauty queen with a self-reported IQ of 168, over her life are presented. Beyond her beauty pageant days, McKinney first hit the tabloid pages in Britain in what was largely coined "The Case of the Manacled Mormon". As reported by McKinney in interviews, she, a southern Christian originally from North Carolina, got involved with a group of Mormons in her pursuit of true love, without knowing they were Mormons or anything about Mormonism. She fell in love with one of those Mormons, Kirk Anderson, the two who were to be married. After he disappeared without saying anything to her, she, with the help of a private investigator and some male friends and new acquaintances, tracked him down in England where he was being brainwashed by Mormon elders, that brainwashing which included the notion of sex with and marriage to her, a non-Mormon, as taboo. He left with her voluntarily, she who took him away to a secluded cottage ...


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This is Tabloid- Everyone gets something. Love, drama, thriller, sex, mistrey and what not.

Title- tabloid justified the film. Main character- Joicey is quite interesting. From her dramatic expressions to her emotional stories. She is the one who binds this film together. At times as a woman you empathize her. At times other characters of this documentary take over the narrative. I believe at the end, everyone has their favourites.Besides story, the director choose complementing visuals quite carefully. It included animation, stock footages, newspaper clippings, cartoon videos and what not. Which made this film thoroughly entertaining.The story in it self is quite interesting. A woman who kidnapped and raped love of her life. And then press and tabloid journalist bashed her character.

The gener is not quite new. But, the way the director has kept us engaged with the film. Is quite a thing.


Joyce McKinney played yourself in this tabloid documentary film about her abducting her Mormon partner of England. it was okay

I Couldn't Finish It

The title says it all.

I could feel the crazy radiating off the documentary's subject, Joyce McKinney, during portions where she was interviewed, and it eventually became too much when she claimed that it is impossible to rape a man. I managed to watch a little further, but I finally asked myself if I really cared about her and her insane, inane story at all, and then found something better to do with my time.

One thing that I did find kind of funny about the documentary is that they seemed to be trying to convince me that yes, she really was a "beauty queen" at one point in time. They really, really try to sell you on the notion that this nutbar's supposed beauty was self evident to all who met her when, to be honest, after looking at some photos of her from the time period the documentary covers, she is actually rather homely. They VERY BRIEFLY mention that she has a 168 IQ, which is kind of funny, because I would have thought the filmmakers would maybe spend more time trying to convince me that she possessed even above average intelligence since she comes across as so vapid and delusional. They mention it once, but then go on and on about how beautiful she was...

So let me save you some time: Joyce is as crazy as she sounds and the story is not all that interesting. I went in expecting to at least be amused by her antics, but instead I was just bored and put off by her. Don't waste your time.
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