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Drama | Romance
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104 min
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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Tosca Musk [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Of all the bars in all of Chicago, she walks into his.


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So cheesy...

...and Danielle Steel-ish...Good looking cast, reading their lines with the intonation of a 5 year old...The first minutes, with the parents/fiancee were like a movie from the 60's, I thought is a scene watched on TV by the actual characters...Such a false conversation between mother and daughter...But no, the movie continues like that...4 stars for the cast fitness/bodybuilding efforts...

Still my favorite Passionflix movie so far

I think this was an amazing adaptation of the book. The script is almost identical. I felt the characters had good chemistry and it was steamy as hell. Casting for all the characters was true to the book. Was so excited when this series was picked. I hope we can look forward to more stories about the brothers.

Terrible heroine

Bad acting if any from the lead actress. Actor is the only reason I gave this 4 stars. He does a pretty decent job. Overall audio book would be better than this. No chemistry btw them at all though the actor tries really hard.
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