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Horror | Thriller
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93 min
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5.8 / 10 
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Directors: Piers Haggard [Director] ,

Movie Description:
International terrorists attempt to kidnap a wealthy couples child. Their plan comes unstuck when, a deadly Black Mamba sent by mistake instead of a harmless snake, escapes, and the terrorists and several hostages are trapped in the boy's London home. A tense evening is had by all as the snake creeps around the house picking off the various characters one by one.


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Wot kinda bloody pet shop keeps a black mamba, nevertheless a simple yet effective thriller with top notch stars.

I first saw this in the early 90s on a vhs.While revisiting this recently with my 7 year ol nephew, he walked off cos there was no snake action.Well, it is a simple yet effective thriller which relies more on the two top notch lead actors.Three criminals plan to kidnap a wealthy young kid but they get restricted by a black mamba inside the house.Apart from the great actors, the film has a nice pace n decent atmosphere.Throughout the film, the character of Kinski bullies the character of Reed but in real life, during the shoots, it must be the opposite case.

Snake Poison and Klaus Kinski

An unknown film as interesting as it is entertaining.

From the beginning, its distribution draws attention.

The legendary Klaus Kinski, the legendary drinker Oliver Reed and the brutally morbid and sexy Susan George, eternally remembered for his role in Straw Dogs, by Sam Peckinpah.

A great trio for a tense story around the kidnapping of a child passionate about animals and thatmistake introduces a black mamba in his own home and that will cause terror to all involved in this dark plot.

Directed in principle by Tobe Hooper who left the shooting due to a nervous breakdown being replaced by Pies Haagard, Venom is a film endowed with a good suspense, good performances, and a worked setting.

The only but is that the title can be somewhat misleading since the plot does not rotate exactly around the black mamba, but rather it is one more element of the plot, very important, but not the central axis, since this resides more well in the character of Kinski, the brain of the whole kidnapping plan, whose perfidious machinations come to surprise and even entertain the viewer.

It is possible to say that the duel between a gigantic and intimidating Oliver Reed and the cold and calculating Kinski is quite tense, both actors did not stand on the set, since Reed, half drunk constantly caused Kinski who was angered and threatened to hit Reed , turning the shoot itself into a nightmare.

Susan George on the other hand is totally wasted, her character should have had more weight in the plot.

A good movie to discover.

Kinski is the best!

I do not like snakes, in fact, I hate them. Luckily, everything is a fiction and I will not meet the Black Mamba somewhere in London, I hope... I knew what I would see with such a title, meaning not a great movie. I wanted to see it for the names in the cast, especially for Klaus Kinski and Oliver Reed, then for Sarah Miles, Sterling Hayden and Nicol Williamson. Unfortunately the beauty called Susan George is bitten by the snake not long after the beginning of the movie. But the scene when those black panties are down remains anthological. Very cool Kinski's "dance" scene with the snake on the balcony. What does it mean to be a great actor, to have personality and such a look, no one else like Kinski in the whole history of the cinema. I think the snake liked to drink, so she hid at some point in the bottle closet with whiskey... it was a she snake, because in the final scene there are some snake eggs and some baby snakes show up...
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