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Drama | Music
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113 min
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4.9 / 10 
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Directors: Nisha Ganatra [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A superstar singer and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.


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One word

Sleep! Yeap this movie put me to sleep and no, I didn't watched late at night or after work so i was not tired or anything like that. Movie has no originality, Ross really can't sing and the only time that she sound ok you can hear the autotuned clearly when she sings. Lets putted this way my wife loves movies about music like A star is born, Pitch perfect and others, she found this movie stupid and boring.

Good music, but a weaker and well-known movie script.

The High Note is a new romantic music film directed by Nisha Ganatra, the director of Chutney Popcorn and Code Academy.

The film is about Maggie (Dakota Johnson), who works as a personal assistant to the famous singer Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross). Maggie tries to break through as a music producer in the music world, but Grace and her manager Jack Robertson (Ice Cube) provide little further help in making her desired career switch.Grace later meets up-and-coming singer David Cliff (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and tries to help him break into the music world and therefore pretends to be a music producer. Maggie hopes that she will break through with David, but when it is discovered that she is not an official music producer, she can forget her dreams in the music world.

The music elements of this film are clearly visible. Cast members Tracee Ellis Ross and Kelvin Harrison Jr. ensure good and realistic singing in the film. Both come across as credible as their own kind of singer, because Tracee comes across as an ambitious and somewhat arrogant singer due to her success, while David plays the rather nice but insecure starting singer. Both have a good relationship with Dakota Johnson and her character. Tracee Ellis Ross is also the daughter of the famous singer Diana Ross and with this role she almost looks like her mother as a singer during her younger years.

The film's weaker point is the film script, as it was written by Flora Greeson and this is only the first film script she has written. With the exception of the musical genre, the Romantic genre is somewhat obvious. Furthermore, it is also written a bit messy, so it is not really clear whether the film should be more of a comedy or a drama film. Furthermore, the story of the film is very similar to the story of the film Begin Again that came out in 2013.

Good music.

This film is very kind. Firstly, the plot from first view looks very simple, but it's catching despite of this fact. It shows difficult professional way in music industry. And in the end, the viewer have good twisted moment, that can be surprising. Secondly, the cast is great, Dacota Johnson ix a brilliant of film.So, it's good music film.
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