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Fantasy | Mystery
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23.976 fps
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89 min
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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Andrew Patterson [Director] ,

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A mysterious frequency descends on a small New Mexico town in the twilight of the 1950s, forever changing the lives of two youths as they investigate and encounter its origin. Spanning a single night, director Andrew Patterson's transfixing debut barrels its characters through a tribute to the starry-eyed speculations of Rod Serling, as Patterson and his compatriots meticulously render a bygone era. It's one that eschews empty nostalgia through judicious shading of history's insidious margins, and which infectiously captures the wonder of technology, as well as the unsettling risks that come with peering into the unknown. Intermittently framed within the hazy black-and-white scan lines of a television broadcast, Patterson's scope frequently widens to a vivid roaming gaze that fluidly connects its plucky protagonists through a series of increasingly gob smacking long takes. In other scenes, the camera settles with intense concentration on a single subject, achieving taut suspense ...


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Hard pass

Wanted to like it, but yuck! I wish I someone had warned me.

Technical issues first: The dialogue is so garbled you will need to turn on CC to figure out what is being said. The mixing is also terrible with blaring background noise and whispering speech.

The plot is like a bad urban legend. The acting is fine, though the actors could use projection and annunciation training. It bills itself as an homage to Twilight Zone, but it lacks any kind of real edge or the all important "moral and closing narration At the end to add meaning and closure.

We fast forwarded through long sections, but still felt like our time had been wasted.

Twilight Clone

The spoof "Twilight Zone"-style prologue, complete with Rod Serling soundalike spoken introduction, immediately takes us back to the early 60's. We're in a remote, small American town on a Friday night and most of it is at the local college basketball game, including confident wise-guy Everett who buzzes about the premises engaging in meaningless nerdy conversations with all and sundry, before settling to his main occupation for the night elsewhere, as a local, interactive dee-jay playing psycho-billy tunes while fielding occasional calls from the resident nighthawks of the area.

Then, while on air, he picks up a strange-sounding unintelligible message amid other reports that there are lights in the sky. Calls start coming in on the subject, put through to him by his 16-year old switchboard operator friend Fay, especially one from a black ex-soldier who in an extended call tells of the time he and a group of fellow-black colleagues were sent out to investigate a similar occurrence. Later, an old lady calls into the show, offering Everett a scoop on the same subject, which sends Everett and Fay racing through the night to her spooky house with their bulky reel-to-reel tape recording equipment in tow as they scent a big story and from there it's really only a matter of time before they too encounter what has been strongly hinted at from the start.

I'm not sure how to describe this quirky, offbeat movie, it's sort of "Twilight Zone", meets "The Blair Witch Project" crossed with "Close Encounters Of the Third Kind", but I must admit it wasn't really to my taste. A lot of effort is put in to establishing time and place but I was put off by the grainy, out-of-focus photography, initial rambling hipster dialogue, several fades-to-black and static camera set-ups. Young Everett gets to play commander geek while even younger Fay, a wizard at connecting the wires at her console, runs about everywhere after him, occasionally engaging him in insignificant conversation before it all ends up as you know it must with their own E.T.-type encounter in a darkened wood.

Anti-climactic, confusing and over-indulgent, it just didn't connect with me despite my love of "The Twilight Zone" TV shows and "Amazing Stories" comics of the 50's, despite the obvious energy, enthusiasm and even love for the source material. You still have to provide a strong, original story and maybe an arresting ending to what we've seen many times before and for me it just didn't do that.
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