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Adventure | Family
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8 / 10 
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Directors: Ryan Bellgardt [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Friends Scott and Emily, are at Scott's grandmother's home when they suddenly discover a mysterious creature Rufus and the wizard Abbot in a secret room. They have a mission: with the help of an ancient spell book, they'll gather some ingredients to make a magic dust to save their world, a magical world. However, they encounter several obstacles when three mean servants with mysterious power want to put their hands on the book which they believe has spells to turn everything into gold.


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Great for the young ones

As a lot of people said a very cute film great for a younger audience. I quite enjoyed it.

This is BAD!!!!

My gosh... no acting... no nothing... waste of our family time. Avoid at all meanings!!!!

Definitely a kids film

Even though this is definitely a kids film, my three kids 8,11 and 13 were not interested in it at all.
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