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Animation | Drama
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23.976 fps
Japanese 2.0  
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112 min
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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: Makoto Shinkai [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A high-school boy who has run away to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to be able to manipulate the weather.


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Simple, predictable plot that relies on eye-candy

Within the first 20 minutes, you already know what's coming up.

The main character Hodaka doesn't have any good qualities, his only motivation being love; and the depiction of women is degrading. Here as eye-candy and for cheap jokes and sight-gags about their figures.

This could've been somewhat overlooked with a strong message, but the climate change theme is clumsy, and comes across as "Well we're doomed anyway, no point doing anything about it".

Add to that too much padding, a J-POP heavy soundtrack that isn't to my taste and an over-reliance on flashy CG, and it's not one I can recommend.

A beautiful tale of what it's like to be in love

I loved this movie because to me it's a beautiful metaphorical tale of what it's like to be in love.

It can start off with a simple, kind gesture-and before you know it, you're spiraling into a world of mystery. Love is something we grow up hearing about, but nothing can prepare you for its arrival. It's like a beautiful sunrise, starting off with blushing reds and warmth, slowly enveloping you until you're helplessly soaked in sunlight.

When you're in love, you find a new sun to revolve around, and as much as you can, you want to bask in its light. As you unravel as much as you can about each others' pasts, futures, and destinies, all of the unknowable and unexplained can be daunting. But along the way, you learn that you don't need the answers to everything, the present and your feelings can be enough.

The world around you seems to change and it's not something that's easy to explain. Like trying to convince someone that she's the reason the sun shines, words don't seem vibrant or intimate enough to describe the experience itself.

With time, your relationship evolves to a point where many other relationships have ended. You're asked to commit and to sacrifice. To leap into the unknown. To give up what you have for an unsure future. Logic only points away, but the heart pushes on. You offer up your fears and doubts because you trust that person to be your sunshine, even if it rains for the rest of your life. Even though they have the power to break your heart, you fearlessly leave it in their hands. You defy destiny and deny countless futures for one together. It's scary and worldchanging, but it's beautiful and it's worth it all.

When the world floods and the rains keep pouring, you know that all will be well, because she'll be there, weathering all of it with you.

Absolutely beautiful. Oscar worthy without a doubt in my mind

(SPOILER FREE)From the director of "The Garden Of Words" (2013) and 2016's "Your Name", Makoto Shinkai delivers another visually stunning and breathtaking masterpiece. And like his other features, will pull on your heartstrings consistently throughout the third act. I watched the movie in Japanese and the voice acting was top tier and the soundtrack provided for some extremely powerful and emotional moments that WILL make you cry. I couldn't recommend it any more.
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