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Action | Thriller
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90 min
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5.3 / 10 
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Directors: Matt Eskandari [Director] ,

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A disgraced doctor and his family are held hostage at their home by criminals on the run, when a robbery-gone-awry requires them to seek immediate medical attention.


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What would you do to survive the night?

There are few directors in the game today who know how to weave a yarn like Matt Eskandari. Much like the two outlaw brothers speeding along the highways after their most recent heist, Eskandari goes 0 to 60 without sacrificing any nuance or plot, fitting 90 minutes of taut action on the head of a pin while your head spins with each new revelation, each heart stopping altercation.

The movie opens on a downtrodden Chad Michael Murray, he's recently lost his private practice after a wrongful death lawsuit drove him out of business. He's working at a rural clinic-his wife, father and child all having lost faith in him.

Little does he know he's unwittingly on a collision course with these brothers. After a robbery gone wrong at a local convenience store, Mathias is struck by a bullet in the leg. Knowing they're on the wrong side of the law, they seek out a doctor under special circumstances.

Leaving the clinic, Chad is followed home and ambushed upon arrival. The brothers lay siege upon the house and demand treatment.

I won't spoil the next phase of the film. There are so many layers to this thriller. Familial bonds stretched and strained, the distances one is willing to go for love. The ambiguities of good and evil, light and dark, how necessity and circumstance dictate so much more than we're willing to admit. Eskandari doesn't just serve you a classic, edge-of-your-seat joyride, he plumbs the deepest depths of the human experience, turning a mirror on his audience and forcing them to ask the deeper questions. What would you do for a dying loved one, how do you rebuild yourself after tragedy, and can you put aside your fears to survive the night?

Not to bad

It's a simple story. And I guess Jamie is the worst brother someone can have OMG issues whaha


This film has great aspects, but it looks very average. Firstly, the plot is interesting, but it's very predictable. The beginning is intriguing, the finish is pale. Secondly, yhe cast os good, but all film is on Bruce Willis and his talent.So, it's a little bit pale film with good actors.
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