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Jack Powell was born with a unique disorder that causes him to age four times faster than people usually age, so when he's 10 years old he looks 40. This causes problems when he starts public school and tries to make friends with his classmates.


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Robin Williams shines in an otherwise obvious and childish dramedy

JACK is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and stars Robin Williams in the title role of a boy who ages at four times the natural rate. While somewhat of an oddball choice for Coppola, known especially for the Godfather trilogy, this material is rather characteristic for Williams in this period of his career.

Basically, it's a sentimental dramedy that elicits laughter and tugs at the heartstrings. However, this is clearly one of Williams' lesser films. The situation felt contrived and silly, merely an excuse for Williams to engage in puerile antics. What was more astonishing is that this entire film was played straight by everyone. I did laugh some, particularly at a couple scenes involving the physical comedy of Robin Williams playing a 10-year-old in a 40-year-old man's body, but I didn't laugh as much as I would have liked. The moments where they go for poignancy also fell flat a lot of the time, again mostly because of the contrived situation.

However, the film is generally well-acted. Of course Robin Williams does a fine job, but Diane Lane and Bill Cosby in particular turn in good performances as well. Jennifer Lopez and Fran Drescher also show up, but more as eye candy for horny boys than anything. Looking at recent cases involving teachers sleeping with their students, the implications of the scenes involving Jack and those two characters might come off as irresponsible, the subject matter is handled as tastefully as possible (as opposed to something like THAT'S MY BOY, in which Adam Sandler plays a man-child of sorts). I did find one scene between Fran Drescher and Robin Williams as tender, but nothing more.

Given the circumstances surrounding Jack's life, you might think that the film goes for a tearjerker of an ending, but it doesn't. Still, I do feel like the closing speech, which sums up the message of the movie, was tacked on and unnecessary to a degree. It was a sentiment better expressed in Williams' earlier movies, such as DEAD POETS SOCIETY. Overall, while still funny and touching in mostly equal measure, the direction was flat and the story was about as inspiring as a Lifetime movie. For die-hard Robin Williams fans (or of Francis Ford Coppola) only. Everyone else would do well to skip it.

Jack is confused...so are we!

'Jack' as a film is almost as confused as the central character. Although touted on the back of the DVD box as being a 'family comedy', its humour sometimes means it's anything but.

It's shining light without doubt is Robin Williams. I can't imagine anyone else playing the role really. He manages to capture the childish side of Jack perfectly,while also portraying the inner struggle well too. Sadly the film never seems to know what it wants to be (Comedy? Drama?)and a fine performance gets lost in the middle.

My big flaw with the film apart from the tone is the length. It does go on a bit. There's a whole 20 minute section in which nothing really happens to drive the plot.

But then, just as you're about to give up on it, the ending is great. Funny, moving, not overly sentimental,it's a lovely moment.

With sharper editing and a sense of focus 'Jack' could be up there with Robin Williams' best work but sadly it never quite lives up to potential.

Robin Williams acts like a child

Karen Powell (Diane Lane) gives birth 7 months early but it looks like a full term pregnancy. The boy Jack (Robin Williams) is aging rapidly about 4 times the normal rate. The doctors have never seen anything like it. For 10 years, he's been hidden away at home. He's home-schooled with tutor Lawrence Woodruff (Bill Cosby). On his advise, Jack is sent to public school. Miss Marquez (Jennifer Lopez) is his new teacher.

Director Francis Ford Coppola is making this fantasy. He needs the style to match but he doesn't have it. This is simply made to allow Robin Williams to act like a child. He's not given something more compelling to do. It's not funny enough to be a comedy. It's like an after school special. It misses an opportunity to be fanciful. This plays like a bad weird kid's movie. I do have to say that it's weird to see Robin Williams playing around with a bunch of little kids. The good thing about 'Big' was that Tom Hanks acted childish around a bunch of adults. That's much funnier. Even in the adult world, this doesn't have any fun. This is obvious not Coppola's finest moment. He just doesn't have the comedic touch.
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