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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Charles Crichton [Director] ,

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Man-eating businesswoman, Angela Barrows is sent by her US company to Edinburgh to investigate export opportunities. She meets businessman Robert MacPherson en route and he persuades her to help bring his company into the 20th century. The staff, lead by Mr. Martin, have other ideas and a battle between the old and new business methods breaks out.


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most will find it at best a time capsule of less imaginative times.

This is such a finely photographed and acted piece and such a shame that it seems so whimsical and unfunny. I am reminded of a recent viewing of The Wrong Box in which Peter Sellers has the most fantastic and hilariously funny cameo as an old man with ledgers in a room full of cats and then to see him working just as hard here to be an old stuck in the mud without anything like the same result. There was a massive cultural change that sets the 50s and 60s far apart and this film released in 1960 seems very much steeped in the world of the previous decade, if not the late 40s whereas by the time of the later Bryan Forbes film there had been enormous upheaval and even more hinted at. So, for some this might be considered a charming and subtle film with no bad language or crude guffaws but most will find it at best a time capsule of less imaginative times.

You will not die laughing!

This is not the best film of Peter Sellers! But it is not bad either. Demonstrates here also what subtle actor he was. All the "blame" is on the script which is not great, fuzzy, like those in the Pink Panther series, here we have a simple Scottish story, a little melancholy comedy. The old fox Sellers faces the American Constance Cummings and defeats her in the battle to stay in the 19th century. But, just watch it, is a little dusty but still fun in the scene when visiting her.

Don't be put off by the title and the sexism of some of the plot

I resisted watching this for sometime.. it sounds like a silly sex- com .. and the premise that the female lead is 'wrong' because she is a woman. Yes, some of the set up - that women have no role as leaders is well dodgy by today's standards - (and to be honest even for it's own time)

But ignore that.. pretend that the out of touch moderniser is not wrong by virtue of being female.. See her as 'just happens to be' female, and her opponent as 'just happens to be' male.. and there is great fun to be had in this clash of ideals.

Compare it to (but admittedly not quite as good as) I'm all right Jack.. where you have differing views of how a work place should be run.

Call it ageist .. She is young, he is old.. call it maybe anti American (she is a brash American, he a quiet modest Scott) .. or just see it as differing mind sets battling it out.

If you want to try and be clever (and read too much into it) see it as a precursor to Crichton's much later 'Fish called Wanda'.. With Sellers as the John Cleese type v the Constance Cummings character as Wanda...
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