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Crime | Drama
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84 min
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6.8 / 10 
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Directors: Douglas Sirk [Director] ,

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Convicted murderess Valerie Carns (Ann Blyth) is being transported to Norwich to be executed when a flood strands her and her guards at a convent hospital. Nurse Sister Mary (Claudette Colbert) becomes convinced of her innocence and sets out to find the real killer.


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Good Cast in Solid Mystery

There really isn't anything to criticize about this movie. The plot was interesting and well handled; the cast was good. This is a solid movie and well worth watching.

Claudette can't play a nun

Claudette Colbert is far too pretty and made-up to play a nun. She's one of my favorites, but she just can't pull it off. So, in Thunder on the Hill, with her Harlequin eyebrows, her glossy lips, and her passionate tearful expressions, she doesn't pull off being a nun. Nuns are a different kind of people, and they have a constant hold over their emotions. Remember the difference between Julie Andrews and Peggy Wood in The Sound of Music? Claudette is much more Julie than Peggy.

Granted, early in the film, she shares with Mother Superior, played by Gladys Cooper, that she harbors guilt and upsetness over her sister's suicide, but that doesn't mean she should act like a normal, emotional person for the rest of the film. If Claudette were a novice, like Julie Andrews, or a nurse volunteering at the church during the storm, she would have done a wonderful job, as she usually does.

Trapped by an unexpected flood, a woman condemned to hang, Ann Blyth, stays in a church. One of the nuns believes she's innocent and tries to help prove her case before it's too late. If you think this sounds interesting, you can rent it. However, almost everyone in the film overacts, leading me to believe director Douglas Sirk intended them to. Ann has a very small part, even though the plot revolves around her, and someone really should have rewritten the movie to make Claudette a nurse.

Highly charged drama of Innocence Condemned unjustly

One needs to enter into the atmosphere of this taut emotional story to really appreciate the fine acting done by all. Have seen "Thunder on the Hill" countless times and it's still riveting. The dialogue unfolds splendidly like a fine dramatic stage play of intrigue and mystery.

Claudette Colbert gives a fine performance as Sister Mary who is haunted by certain memories of her past and yet feels compelled to do what is right according to her conscience even though it conflicts with those in authority especially Mother Superior (Gladys Cooper).

Ann Blyth as Valerie really does make one feel that life is very precious - no one wants to die when there's so much to live for especially when young, very much in love and with plans to marry being dashed by this unjust verdict of guilty which will destroy everything.

Philip Friend as Sidney, Valerie's intended, is distraught with despair but eventually comes round and being convinced of her innocence tries to help in some way, offering Valerie his love and support in their emotionally charged scenes together.

Michael Pate as simple-minded Willie does add texture to the story of intrigue in the beginning - he holds an important letter - his voice and minor dialogue reveal a well-acted character role.

Robert Douglas as the doctor is suave and believable (well-oiled you might say) and he cares for his wife's delicate mental condition to the extent of becoming very possessive and controlling which becomes his downfall eventually.

It's a strong story of deep human conflict that everyone can relate to. One of my favourites.
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