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Adventure | Drama
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Ford Beebe [Director] ,

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Dr. Lynn Harper, psychologist, has been called out to the old Ingston Mansion, a dark and mysterious place with a very bad reputation, in order to make an assessment of the sanity of Margaret Ingston, daughter of patriarch Kurt Ingston. She claims to be sane, but she is clearly very disturbed; we can't be certain, although the doctor gives her a clean bill of health. But then Dick Baldwin shows up on the scene, just when Dr. Lynne has been receiving thinly veiled threats from the inhabitants of the house. He's our hero. Three medical doctors have been invited out to the mansion as well, Dr. Timmons, Dr. Phipps and the sleazy Dr. King (Lionel Atwill). One by one the doctors are mysteriously murdered. Dick Baldwin must figure out who is doing the killings, and he must do so before whoever it is can kill his new love interest, Dr. Lynne Harper. But the only one he can trust is Kurt Ingston himself, since Ingston has no legs and can't have perpetrated these murders. Is it sinister Rolf, ...


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A better than average "Universal" chiller.

"Night Monster" wasn't destined to be recognised for the effective horror piece that it is, when released in 1942. It was issued as the lower half of a double feature and didn't make much of an impact at the box office. One thing that hampered the film, was the lack of an established leading man in the genre. Bela Lugosi received top billing but became reduced to "supporting actor" status, cast in the thankless role of the butler of the household involved in the story. Lionel Atwill - an underrated leading man in his own right - also ended up being wasted in a role with limited screen time.Regardless, there is plenty to enjoy with "Night Monster." Unlike other horror films from "Universal," there is a genuine sense of mystery and intrigue. The villain isn't revealed until the end and there are a few red herrings included into the bargain. The explanation that's provided with regards to the killer's movements, isn't down to the usual bogus reasons - like an escaped lunatic from the local asylum who indulges in disguises. The writers of the screenplay provide a more weird and eerie conclusion and this works to the films advantage.We are witness to the usual recycling of sets that were used for other films by the studio at the time: the Basil Rathbone "Sherlock Holmes" films amongst others. In my opinion, none of that matters. I simply enjoyed the film before me and the running time whizzes by."Night Monster" deserves to be better known than it is but the timing was perhaps rather unfortunate. The 1940s saw a steady decline in Hollywood for horror films, as the demand wasn't as great as it had been during the first half of the 1930s.

Very good

Enjoyable, tense and well acted but forgotten little horror movie. Bela Lugosi has a secondary role, but he is excellent as Rolf, the evil butler. Add a wicked housekeeper, a loony sister, a frightening disabled host, a yoga teacher, a trio of scientists with a stooge touch, a chauffeur constantly in heat, a writer of cheap thrillers, a typically silly chief of police, and a good looking psychiatrist, and you have an excellent whodunit, even if you know from the beginning who the monster is, that combines elements of Poe's "House of Usher", Du Maurier's "Rebecca", Conan-Doyle's "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and the short novel "The Undying Monster: A Tale of the Fifth Dimension", by Jessie Douglas Kerruish, produced by Fox also in 1942. . It is a mystery that this amusing script by Clarence Upson Young has not been remade.

Revenge In The Dark

Night Monster is a pleasant surprise: a Universal horror from the Forties that's actually first rate and original, provides some genuine suspense as well as surprises, manages to rise about the generic by sheer force of the talent involved. Yet most of the talented people involved in the making of the film have at best modest reputations; among them, director Ford Beebe and screenwriter Clarence Upson Young. The two main stars, Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill, don't have nearly so much to do as the lesser known players but they're a welcome sight all the same.

It's the tale of Kurt Ingston, a wealthy, crippled man, very well played by Ralph Morgan, who invites a trio of doctors who just happened to have treated him and who failed to cure him of his paralysis. Also on hand: an Indian mystic, Agor Singh; Ingston's sister, who looks young enough to be his daughter; his sister's soon to be boyfriend, Dick Baldwin; an amorous, toothpick chewing chauffeur and ladies man, Laurie; a female psychiatrist, Dr. Harper; and the standard issue (for the time) sinister housekeeper, Miss Judd. Alas, Bela Lugosi's butler, Rolfe, is a small part but he makes the best of his few scenes.

But one doesn't really need a scorecard to follow this one. It's worth mentioning all these characters, as each in his own way adds spice to the proceedings. This movie has a strong plot, as Ingston is a truly baleful figure,--an armless and legless man--and one senses a power him him, a focused and yet controlled energy that, in conjunction with Singh's black magic, his ability to summon forth a skeleton and make blood appear, coming seemingly from nowhere, make for a dynamic and potentially dangerous duo. Ingston's out for revenge.

The isolated country setting, apparently American the gated mansion not far from a swamp, where the sounds of animals, notably frogs, can be heard, set this modestly budgeted movie up nicely. Nor does it shy from killing a character off here and there; and sometimes it's a young and attractive one. There's a feeling of primal, encroaching evil at work in Night Monster that goes beyond the plot, the special effects,--good but hardly remarkable-- that seems to take hold of the entire movie, and which, as it approaches its climax, makes the film deliver the goods and then some by the time it's over.
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