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Comedy | Drama
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90 min
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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Dorothy Arzner [Director] ,

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Judy O'Brien is an aspiring ballerina in a dance troupe. Also in the company is Bubbles, a brash mantrap who leaves the struggling troupe for a career in burlesque. When the company disbands, Bubbles gives Judy a thankless job as her stooge. The two eventually clash when both fall for the same man.


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Heartfelt movie but odd.

Not alot of plot to this movie. Has some good lines to it as well as making women look dumb , says it's a feminist movie i have a doubt, cause that ending was a bit too rushed. Can't imagine ever watching this again but I've said that before ;)

Quality: 4/10Entertainment:6/10Re-Playable 2/10

Lucille Ball Steals the Show

This is not a great musical, but you must see it for the performances of Lucille Ball (playing a character named Bubbles) and Maureen O'Hara (playing a good girl names Judy). Ball singing and dancing "The Beer Barrel Polka" and "Jitterbug Bite" with the Bailey Brothers Burlesque Theater is worth her weight in gold. Plus, the film is directed by Dorothy Azner, Hollywood's one female director of note between the silent era and Ida Lupino's directorial debut in 1950. --Musicals on the Silver Screen, American Library Association, 2013

Lucy, Bellamy, O'Hara !

Soooooo many big, fun, hollywood names in this one. Lucy, Maureen Ohara, Ralph Bellamy. Ed Brophy, Sydney Blackmer. Lucy and the girls are working in a dance hall gambling house, which gets raided. one of the earlier, more risqué roles for Lucy. This was ten years before she and hubby Desi did I Love Lucy! and she even does the Hula in this one. The dance director in the show is played by Maria Ouspenskaya, who always played older, wiser, stately woman. Check out her role in "the rains came". great stuff. Lucy really shines in the lead role here. and of course, she and Desi would go on to buy the whole damn studio. Great Stuff. i really recommend this one, if only for historical value. one of the more serious roles for Lucille Ball. A show within a show. climbing the ladder of success. Lots of references to Tiger Lilly... which Woody Allen would parody later on. Bellamy has a pretty minor role in this one, but would receive a Lifetime achievement oscar for his various roles in pictures. Dorothy Arzner stepped in to direct when the original director bailed out. Arzner has a great story on wikipedia... you gotta check it out! really good stuff.
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