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Short | Drama
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20 min
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5.4 / 10 
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Directors: James Price [Director] ,

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Stan is an ageing sheep farmer who's at odds with life and out of hope. During a meteor storm a mysterious female alien arrives on his farm, she appears to be lost. As they attempt to understand each other a bond is formed and Stan teaches Voyager about what it is to be human. Their fate and Stan's is sealed when the StarGirl confesses her real reason for visiting Earth.


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I thought this was an interesting short film. The story's about a sickly, cantankerous elderly farmer who discovers an alien crash land on his farm where he reluctantly takes her in. He finds out her name is Voyager and she's here for something.

The acting's decent. The farmer's a little unlikable but as the film progresses he begins to show his more humane side. Voyager is interesting to watch. She has an air of mystery which makes you wonder what she'll do next. The ending is unexpected and left to your interpretation. If you like sci-do movies with female aliens and the main characters then you'll find this interesting.
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