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4.5 / 10 
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Directors: Will Harper [Director] ,

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A millennial writer from San Francisco travels to the Philippines where she and her brother, a music producer, must come face to face with their traumatic childhood and embrace their seemingly unbearable trait.


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beautiful and wonderful movie!

I loved this movie: beautiful and authentic characters, interesting and emotional story (also very modern), amazing scenery and cityscapes... really enjoyable!

I cried a lot :) not because it was emotional in a "heavy" sense, but because you "feel along" with the characters if I can put it this way.

Somebody complained that the narrative voice interrupted the plot - did you watch the documentary or the movie? There is "Sensitive and in love" which is the movie and "Sensitive lovers" which is the documentary with lots of explanations from the author of the HSP concept. First I rented the documentary and couldn't understand why it doesn't look like a movie :D the documentary is 1 hour long and the movie is 2 hours long.

Highly recommended :) great acting too!

Surprisingly good story

This film very effectively reveals the challenges that highly sensitive persons (HSPs) face in relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it with my friend and found the journey taken by the protagonist to be moving and inspiring. My only criticism is that I felt that the acting was very slightly below par in a couple of scenes.

Not What I Expected

As a sensitive person myself I was looking forward to a very emotional film. The emotions in this movie are shackled by the need to explain everything. The voice-over narrative is intrusive. The story doesn't emerge naturally. The emotions seem false because they are too staged.
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