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Saw it twice

I really did enjoy this movie. It took you through so many emotions and stirred you to think. It took you in one side of life and brought you through to the other side. We all go through something, some more than others, but this film showed how you don't have to be alone and that anything is possible.I would have given it a 10, but I thought the judge was just a bit too much at one point. You may have thought the Mom was too much, but since I have experienced that kind of loss I can tell you she was right on! Great film!

A must see movie about God's redemptive forgiveness

Writer and director, Mitch Teemley did a great job of showing God's redemptive purpose for forgiveness which brings healing and restoration in the midst of great tragedy and injustice. The movie is raw and real. A breath of fresh air in a cinematic world where revenge and vigilante justice is the normal fare. A well-done faith-based movie. Definitely worth watching.

More Realistic than we'd like to admit

Oh No another religious film? Argh! Boy gets drunk and kills someone. Mother goes to boy and forgives him and then he changes his life and all's right with the world. But it isn't like that.

No! Mom and friends and relatives get MAD! The boy gets off easy in the court! How is that making him accountable? Mom and friends want accountability, justice, REVENGE! Then you see the brave mom going up against the gang kid and blowing him up. Blood! Guts! Gore. It isn't like that either.

That's what makes this film so good. It doesn't go for the crowd-pleasing reaction. It seems more realistic when Mom meets the accused for the first time in jail. It makes sense when the priest talks to the kid. I understand that the process the characters goes through takes longer than what's apparent in the film.

The directing is well done. You can see the pain behind their eyes, and the glow that starts to grow as the film goes further. This is not one to see with NO KLEENEX. Your shirt or hoodie will be sopping wet by the middle of the film! I also loved the music. Very nice use of guitar!

The plot is not unlike what happens in real life. The reactions are real and heartfelt. I highly recommend it. When I get some more Kleenex, I may watch it again.
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