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Crime | Drama
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23.976 fps
Korean 5.1  
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119 min
IMDB Rating:
6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Tae-Yun Kim [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Hyun-Woo, who is the sole witness to the murder of a taxi driver, is accused of committing the crime and persecuted and prosecuted. He is sentenced to a sentence of ten years. An opportunistic lawyer picks up the case sensing an opportunity, which leads to a struggle to reclaim justice.


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Excellent movie

When i Watched this movie i wasn't expect much as the movie was about wrongly accused boy who got poisoned for 10 years.But to my surprise this movie was one of the most best i have ever seen.The direction,acting,story was superb and like many korean movies this movie also had the nice thriller screenplay.

This movie is about a boy who got accused of murder and sentenced 15 years of prison but got to served 10 years and released.He is no longer the boy who he used to be before going to prison and also he seemed as a killer by everyone who knows about the murder.this makes his like miserable and also effecting his mental state.A attorney who has not won any case but is desperate to win the case so that to make name and money wants to be assigned to retrial of this case.The boy is reluctant as he has no hope left from anyone since he was framed for murder and lost everything due to this. .whats happens and does the boy get justice or not is shown in this movie.

The conclusion of this movie is satisfying and whatever other say, i think this movie is best.those producer and director who are producing the worst movies now a days should learn about how to make movie from korea .my rating is 9 out of 10.I recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Another Excellent Korean Movie

Strongly Recommended.

One of Korea's finest films with excellent script, direction, and terrific performances by the two main leads. The story is based on a real miscarriage of justice and a lawyer who becomes the attorney and man he was meant to be through his hard work to clear a completely innocent young man. Strongly recommended as still one more entry in the growing cache of great Korean dramas and films from the best filmmakers in the world today. My only caveat is some scenes are graphic, wrenching, and heartbreaking, but they had to be to tell the truth, so steel yourself. Otherwise, the story is inspiring and lifting, and I think viewers will love both leads and the characters they play, so settle in for a great film.

Purely heartbreaking yet beautiful

So if I had to write down everything that I loved about this film I would have to copy-paste the whole script with highlights and notes all over it, complete with thank-you letters to the actors and everyone involved in the making.Now, of course, some parts can be criticized but frankly I loved it too much to even dig for those.

The performances were beyond amazing, that hug scene took my heart and emotions, chopped it into million pieces and spit on it at the end. Absolutely superb. Kang Ha Neul never ceases to amaze me, and Jung Woo was -as always- freaking good.

Be it my love for films and cinematography or movies based on true stories or my undying interest in injustice and corruption of our societies or admiration for good performances or maybe all of these combined made this movie one of my all time favorites for sure
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