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Directors: Leanne Pooley [Director] ,

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Acclaimed filmmaker Leanne Pooley directs this insightful documentary examining the future of artificial intelligence and the impact it will have on our world. As computers continue to evolve at an ever-greater speed, soon they will have the capacity to design and program themselves. Without the help of humans, the next generation of computers will create new and smarter A.I. at an exponential pace. What will these technological developments mean for the future of mankind?


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Mildly entertaining, but misguided and frustrating

It was an amazing idea to slice and dice the thoughts of smart people into an insane salad, dress it with some insights from random quacks as deep as a tea spoon, then serve it as a "documentary".

How did Cameron deserve a right to have an opinion about the A.I.? By making a movie with a robot in it?

He also made a movie with a ship in it - well, now, let's ask his opinion on naval architecture and the problems of modern hydrodynamic engineering.

Instead of letting the smart people express their smart thoughts precisely and at length, the movie rips their words out of context and rearranges them to fit some weird alarmist narrative.

The four stars are specifically for Roman Yampolskiy, Sam Harris, Max Tegmark and Jurgen Schmidhuber.

Proper debate by proper insiders

I really liked this film. The people interviewed were nearly all insiders not just external commentators. And some really important people who know what they are talking about. That gives is real weight for me. And they were allowed to speak properly, not cut into little sound bites. Didn't agree with some of what was said but hey - that's the point of a discussion! Really good film. Well made and personally I loved the 2001 theme with the narrator. Clever!

Watch out Elon, you've got competition

A refreshing new take on a subject dominated by either pretentious techno gurus or tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists. This documentary cuts through the morass of hype surrounding AI showing us both the people involved and the critics. The contrasting views presented offer a thought-provoking account of the divide between progress and morality that characterises this issue. Overall, a stimulating documentary, would definitely recommend to anyone with a brain.
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