Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art (2020) 1080p

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108 min
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5.5 / 10 
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Directors: Elio Espana [Director] ,

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Banksy, the world's most infamous street artist, whose political art, criminal stunts, and daring invasions outraged the establishment and created a revolutionary new movement while his identity remained shrouded in mystery.


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The system will eat you, eventually...

I have watched several films about Banksy, the best of which is still Banksy′s own ¨Exit Through the Gift Shop¨. The title of this one is a bit misleading. Rather than ¨Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art¨, it might be more accurately called ¨Banksy and the Normalization of Outlaw Art, or: The System Will Eat You, Eventually¨.

Art in the twentieth century became highly commodified, and there are several insightful films around on that topic, in particular, independent of the case of Banksy. This feature seems to me more informational than artistic, which is fine, if you happen to be looking for a lecture on the history of graffiti and how Banksy became a part of the art world which he once spurned.
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