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While traveling from California to Bangor through a lonely road, Carrie Mitchel is advised by the gas station attendant Jimmy to rest in a hotel; however, she decides to continue driving through the night. Later she almost hits the teenager Amy Singer that is wandering on the road wounded with blood on her face. She gives a lift to Amy that tells that her friends from the Boston University Mike, Greg, Tammy and Lisa and she had traveled in a RV to Arrowhead to research the area as part of a discipline in their course. When they stopped in a gas station, the attendant Billy advised them to avoid the place in Bradford City called "Devil's Playground" by the locals. While digging in an area where a mine collapsed on 19 December 1967 killing 239 coal miners, they find preserved bones that they believe belonged to the Indians. However, when they find teeth with golf fillings and a watch on the wrist of an arm, they realize that the deaths have recently occurred and they are in a dangerous ...


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Had potential

Typical horror crap with an idiotic ending. Could have at least had an evil hick with a brain.I've seen ratings above 7 that complain about other imdb reviewers. Hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Don't hate because they don't agree with you. Did you have something to do with the production of this film? If so then sure you'll love it.I found it trivial and predictable. And I'm sure many will disagree. But...hey, that is my opinion.

Spooky Revisit of an Old Horror Plot!

The Devil's Ground is a surprisingly effective entry in the ubiquitous "tourists attacked by deranged yokels" horror genre. This excursion into dangerous rural America works due to a bright script, an even brighter cast, a spooky soundtrack, and cinematography that captures the eerie flavor of the deep woods where our heros meet their fate. Although everyone's favorite 50 Foot Woman, Darryl Hannah, is top billed, the real star of the film is Leah Gibson, a newcomer who portrays terror, pathos and felicity with ease. As for Ms. Hannah, she plays a character who starts out neurotic, lurches into someone vaguely complicit, and ends up being another sad victim of fate. (Intrigingly, Hannah got her start in a superficially similar film, 1983's The Final Terror.) The hair-raising finale takes several unexpected twists and turns, and the ending is as grim as one could want in this type of film. (Any horror film worth its salt does not end on a happy note!) The screenplay also brings up a theme of interest; are corporate crimes of the past sufficient grounds for punishing future generations? Or, should the guilt for these misdeeds be buried along with the original victims? My only complaint is that the murders - which after all are what the viewer is looking forward to - are edited in such a brisk, almost subliminal manner that it is difficult to discern what is going on. This quick-cutting is a tendancy of most recent horror films, but I still prefer the old-school method of lingering on moments of terror for maximum impact. Still well worth a look.

Ending ruined it

Will someone in the horror genre please figure out how to end a movie? Seriously. The movie was ok, but it needed an ending. You know what it didn't need? The drool. The killer did not need to be drooling. We get it... he's deformed because of the bad water. He did not need the drool. Just end your next movie.
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