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Drama | Mystery
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111 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Vaughn Stein [Director] ,

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A patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy their lives.


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What a weird combination

Inheritance (2020) is a very basic thriller plot painfully stretched over almost 2 hours handled by the most dimwitted slasher-movie-meat characters you will ever see. Maybe it was even a slasher film repurposed as a thriller at some point.

Every scene in this is as painful and slow as possible. Everything has to be discussed, even if it's completely irrelevant. The ending is disconnected from 80% of the stuff they set up in the film.

The way it's shot it really feels like a video game cutscene, like a pre-mission GTA V dialogue where the characters discuss something they are about to do and then they just do it, but you still see and hear every line of dialogue, even if it serves no purpose whatsoever.

By the time you fast-forward to the ending and they reveal the "big twist" that renders half of the film pointless, you won't probably care because you've seen this a million times (even though so many things in this make absolutely no sense).

Should've been better

"Inheritance" is a direct to video mystery with a mostly unknown cast except for an almost unrecognizable Simon Pegg. 31yo Lily Collins looks much younger, like she's from one of those kids shows on Disney or Nickelodeon. She's really out of place as big city DA "Lauren Monroe", so that's a casting fail, which is a problem since she's the lead. That and other plausibility problems take you out of important moments and make this a so-so storytelling when it could've and should've been worth an 8 or 9 rating. The whole production is analogous to doodoo covered with white icing - it looks good enough to eat but heaven help you if you do! For instance, the whole initial premise that her father barely if at all really briefed her on the terrible responsibility of her inheritance just because someone might be listening in is ludicrous. Fine, you can forgive that one maybe since it launches the story but it's followed by too many subsequent implausibilities you'd have to look past to really enjoy the story itself. It's a shame, because the story concept is decent but poorly executed.

The 7 star is for the awesomeness that is Mr.Pegg

I quite enjoy this movie. I watched it without knowing what it was about. When I saw the Morgan character, at first I was skeptical that they chose Simon Pegg for it. But he proves me wrong, boy was he a delight to watch in this role. This movie is the kind that you'd find yourself enjoy it more IF you can ignore the plot holes. Picture tom & jerry's holey cheese, those are the exact representation of the plot holes. So thats what I did, I ignore them and enjoy the performance. Well but then again there's only so much that mr.Pegg can do.This movie HAD a potential to become better, but the choppy edit and poor conclusion at the end render this movie into a meh.

And as for lily collins, she gave great performance here, its solid. I just... cant helped but feel that someone else would've suited more to be the lead role. She didn't have the charisma nor the tenacity that was needed to play the no nonsense District Attorney.

I like the first 50minutes of this movie, the revelation at the end just felt forced and rushed, all that build up doesn't really paid well. I just wished they take it to another direction instead of the cliche ending.

5 star for the story, as it could've been great7 star for Simon Pegg, I hope this is a sign that he's gonna play more serious roles in the future because he steals the show!
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