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Action | Drama
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91 min
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3.0 / 10 
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Directors: Ant Horasanli [Director] ,

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A young thief with a history of grand theft auto becomes an informant and helps police bring down a criminal enterprise involved in the smuggling of hundreds of exotic super cars.


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Good film

I thought it was a good film and good acting who stared in it from start to finish they have also left it open if they make a follow up movie to this one .

It's Okay, but lacked tension

Mikey (Francesco Filice) is a young car thief who specializes in stealing hi-end cars and gets caught by the police and is forced to work with them, but the police are not interested in the car thief ring run by Charlie (Sean Ray) and his partner Sammy (Alex Loubert). They are after the drugs they believe are being made and sold.

Mikey steals Charlie's car and is so impressed how it was done, Charlie offers Mikey a job, which was the point of stealing the car the police say. All works good for a while until Sammy makes a drug deal with Koflex (Sam Asante).

So we see Mikey doing a balancing act between the police and Charlie and now Sammy and the drugs; and also not getting caught with Ava (Hannah Gordon), Charlie's girlfriend.

It is really nice to see many hi-end cars and see them revved up often. Very nice. Vvvvvroooom!!

There are some twists along the way and the final twist you will not see coming.

Notables: Vivica A. Fox as Detective Reid who Mikey reports to; Nathan Hibbert as an African Drug Dealer.

Production, photography, pacing and acting all around are very good, but this did lack serious tension and that could have made this a stronger contender. (5/10)

Violence: Yes.Sez: No.Nudity: No.Humor: No.Language: Yes.

Rating: C

Learn tricks how to steal high end cars...

Movie focuses on tricks how to steal various cars, then high end cars and eventually how to turn drugs into cars! Wow things look tips for car thives. A perfect car thief caught by police after stealing car and let him go only terms that he will be undercover in a car stealing mafia. Later things going smooth and positive but expected end after very average climax. Actors are just okay only Hannah Gordon reminds you to notice her for her lusty role.
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