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Action | War
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130 min
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6.7 / 10 
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Directors: Andrey Volgin [Director] ,

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NATO bombs Belgrad March 1999 and the Serb army pulls out of Kosovo June. This leaves the Serbian minority in Kosovo unprotected from plundering, raping and murdering bandits targeting Serbs. 5 Russians are to take Kosovo's airport from such bandits and hold it until Russian peacekeepers arrive.


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Blockbuster movie from east

Really good movie with lot of great special effects. Equal to some Hollywood movies but with better scenario. Movie is not so far from truth. Lot of scenes from movies were happen in reality and they are happening even in this days. Serbs, what was left in Kosovo, are oppressed from Albanians and western governments, especially USA and GB supports this. Kosovo is main route for narcotics, and big money is in game. Truth is not important in that case.

The actual truth

Ofc, there is something that makes a movie the movie like 8 vs 500, but the point of the story is actually accurate, NATO did bomb Yugoslavia and did kill thousands of civilians, destroyed hundreds of schools, hospitals and factories, bridges and roads. USA and its allies brought Serbia at least 3 decades back and made a living hell for the whole population justifying it by using the words "democracy" and "human rights"... First they backed pro Nazi Croats and killed Serbs in Croatia, then they backed Croats and Jihadist and killed Serbs in Bosnia, then they backed Albanian Terrorists and killed Serbs in Kosovo, Serbian province. Shame what has been done to a country and the people that once defended all the Europe from Ottoman Empire for centuries.

Nothing but clean true

As a kid who survived NATO bombing '99 Yugoslavia I can only say that anyone who watch this movie will see what we have gone through. They maybe served you other picture on news all over the world, but the real truth lays in this movie. Movie has some hard scenes, be prepared to everything. For brutality and not hiding those scenes I give 9.5 rating. Something that Hollywood will never make.
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