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Action | Comedy
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23.976 fps
Korean 5.1  
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101 min
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5.9 / 10 
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Directors: Sang-ho Yeon [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Seok-heon, a bank security guard, gains superpowers one day after drinking water from a mountain spring affected by a meteor. He then sets out to protect his estranged daughter Roo-mi and her neighborhood from a construction company controlled by the mafia, using his recently-arrived superpower: the power of psychokinesis, and in the process becomes a superhero.


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Bland nonsense

I think many of the reviewers may be influenced by some sort of national pride. This truly was not comparable to most of the Hollywood superhero movies. The origin of the hero is ridiculous. The characters are absurd and caricatures. The plot is pretty ridiculous and the ending is just pretty pathetic. The CGI is okay but nothing to write home about. This movie appears in lists of the best action movies of 2018 which is ridiculous or there werent many good action movies that year. It is a lightweight movie that I was tempted to switch off a few times but I persevered until the end but wished I'd not bothered. Dont waste your time.

Funny superhero flick with a dark underbelly and an odd ending

In Psychokinesis, schlubby security guard Seok-heon drinks some extraterrestrial-tainted water and finds he is able to lift and hurl objects with his mind. When his ex-wife is killed by thugs working on a construction project, Seok-heon uses the powers to help out his estranged daughter, who is threatened by the same thugs.

Much of the appeal of this movie comes from a very funny lead performance by Seung-ryong Ryu, who is a goof who just wants to use his power to start a magic act. The slapsticky comedy is counterbalanced by the character's genuine concern and regret for his life choices.

The other notable performance is Yu-mi Jung as a psychopath mob boss. Quirky and ruthless, she is a bracing contrast with the low-key performances by everyone else.

The movie is an interesting mix of broad comedy and dark social commentary. South Korea is portrayed as a country wholly owned by criminals and a complicit police force (director Sang-ho Yeon showed a similarly dark view of cops in Seoul Station).

Psychokinesis takes an interesting approach to the superhero genre. Early superhumans all become heroes or villains. Later superhumans sometimes took the Misfits approach, in which you just deal with your powers and see no reason for heroics. Seok-heon goes the hero route, but only for one person.

Unfortunately the attempt to avoid standard superhero tropes leads in some unconvincing directions. Seok-heon downplays his ability as just this neat thing he can do, and oddly enough everyone goes along with it. Even though he makes no attempt to hide his identity or his power, it doesn't make him especially famous and the government expresses no interest in him. There are certain tropes that keep appearing simply because it's hard to imagine things unspooling any other way.

Still, I found this movie tremendously enjoyable, and as the previous films I've seen from Yeon, it balances its supernatural aspects with grounded, fleshed out characters you root for. (Now that I've watched his recent supernatural films I have to check out his early animated dramas like The Fake).

Highly recommended.

Psychokinesis: When Korea goes Hollywood

Forget DC, put aside Marvel, there is a new superhero in town and he's absolutely fantastic.

Now I had high hopes going in as I have a great history with Korean cinema, in fact the last movie I gave 10/10 was Korean (Train to Busan 2016) but I didn't actually expect Psychokinesis to be quite this good.

It tells the story of an absent bum father who returns after his ex-wife passes away. He tries to get back into his daughters life but meets understandable resistance, that is until he develops super powers and realizes he can use them to help her.

Now let's be clear this is a comedy more than anything, comedy with serious undertones, a decent budget and honestly could be considered family friendly. There is no swearing, the violence is at A-Team level (You know where explosions happen and people go flying but nobody gets hurt), and it's goofy in that really endearing kind of way.

A truly heart warming feel good film I applaud everyone involved. Though there were some aspects of the end I didn't entirely appreciate and would have written differently I can't say they take much away from the film.

This is so very very enjoyable, I laughed, I cheered, I welled up a little bit and walked away very satisfied.

The Good:

Feel good movie

Seung-ryong Ryu and Eun-kyung Shim

The Bad:

Feels a tad incomplete

Bit too goofy a couple of times

The word gosh (Translated) must have been used 100+ times
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