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7.2 / 10 
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Directors: Wilson Yip [Director] ,

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The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.


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Every time they drag Mr Yip Man back, it gets worse

Let me start by saying, the first movie is my favourite of all time, it has character, a great storyline, beautiful fight choreography.

This however, constant changes between languages, none of the white people can act so I find myself cringing the whole time, it's like they scraped the bottom of the amateur dramatic barrel for these people and it just distracts from the whole movie.

The fight scenes have become ridiculous, a constant bid to out do the previous movies, with the addition of seeing Mr Yip Man gliding through the air several times, you didn't need this in the first movie to make it great, so why now?

Now onto the plot, which is nothing more than a propaganda flick, I find it hard to swallow when Chinese movies are talking about how the Chinese are the victim of bullying and racism, while irl they have Uighir Muslims locked up in re-education camps and signs on their businesses saying that no black people are allowed.

On top of this, the whole movie is based on the premise that EVERY single white person without failure is racist and hates Chinese people, if that were the case Bruce would never have been famous.

Historically speaking also, this movie is inaccurate, Yip Man would have been 71 at the time this movie based and yet he's just as indestructible as he ever was, I'm willing to overlook the travelling to America to meet Bruce etc (Bruce just attended his class, Yip never trained him because of his mixed heritage, he left that to Wong Sheung Leung) Yip was also never a fan of teaching non Chinese, after attending his sons classes at the VTAA in Hong Kong I can tell you that there is still a bias against white people.

All in all, this movie was trash, to the point it has tainted the rest of this awesome series for me

By far the worst of the IP Man movies

I consider the IP Man movies the best kung-fu movies, period. Especially the first two. My expectations were high. They were not met.

This movie is just recycling the formula of the prior movies, but does it much worse. The fight scenes also didn't really match the intensity and choreography of any of the earlier films. The stuff in between the fight scenes was poorly written with poor acting. Donnie Yen is so much better than this. Thankfully this should be the end of this movie franchise.

Now do a film about Bruce Lee at IP Man's school.

Terrible film to end the saga

By far the worst of the Ip Man films. Aside from some good action scenes, the film overall is terrible. And also a bit racist towards white people, painting them all as horrible bullying bigots. Also dumb was the decision to have one person speak to the other in Cantonese and the other replies in Mandarin. It's like someone talking to you in French and you reply in English even though you don't understand French. Another terrible decision was casting Vanda Margraf who is clearly mixed-race to play the daughter of someone whose character would never enter into a relationship with a white woman.
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