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Action | Drama
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95 min
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6 / 10 
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Directors: William Eubank [Director] ,

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An unknown, massive earthquake happens in a drilling station in the bottom of the Mariana Trench. A scientific crew find their way into another station under a dark water, a dangerous of humanoid creatures, and a lack of oxygen.


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Creature Feature Without the WOW Element.

A typical creature feature which is pretty much like a 90s creature features without any new or surprising elements about a crew of drilling company trying to survive a mysterious earthquake that is destroying the facilities.

I approach every film with a neutral ground, yet this one is a none worthy movie that is lacking all the element of being good or interesting, from the cast choices, Kristen Stewart which I have no idea why she's still being cast in anything, least to say she still looks like a guy and in this one it's even worse, she looks literally like a boy...with below-average yo average acting talent at best! the story is repetitive, the horror - if there's any - depends only on the typical jump scares not the story elements, you can't relate to any of the characters, the sound is a disaster and the cinematography is unclear and foggy and the directing is all over the place. Least to say, it's not worth watching.


I enjoyed this movie,KRISTEN STEWART never looked better & executed the character well,yes you do get a sense of the ALIEN franchise and that's OK because it doesn't rip the franchise off,I loved the deep diving suits that make the crew look like they are about to fight in some futuristic SCI-FI battle,this movie shines a light on the reality that DEEP SPACE is not the only uncharted plain that man explores and the DEEP SEA is its equal in every sense and maybe more than that,the expectation of life 6 million light years away is intriguing but only 6.9 miles deep in our own oceans is were this oil rig crew will discover the unknown...ENJOYABLE

It is tragic how close to greatness this film gets

Kristen Stewart is working in an underwater facility when it all goes horribly wrong.

Oh no all the escape pods are taken so the survivors will have to don diving suits, catch a lift to the bottom of the ocean and walk home.It should be fine as long as the waters aren't filled with some nasty monsters released by the drilling.whoops!

The action is immediate and hard hitting and thrilling.

This has all the elements you can imagine, people getting stuck under things, oxygen running out, rooms filling with water, sea creatures mauling people etc.The effects are great, the monsters interesting and it is all done quite well.

"Quite well" is the problem.This film looks like it is going to be amazing and it is hard not to get excited about it.So when it takes a paddle around lake-mediocrity it feels really, really bad.

The characters are stark and relatable but you get no build up so you are always playing catch up with them and the relationships between them were a little unclear.Kristen Stewart's character has a sub plot that should be really meaningful but just feels tacked on as it is relayed through the mediums of chitchat and locker junk.

You get no feel of where the survivors are going so a lot of the plot relies on aptly placed road signs and a patronising version of Alexa, who is zero help to the crew, until it explains how the film is going to end - which it does in patronising detail even drawing us a picture.

This is a pretty good disaster/monster flick but it feels like a lot of potential has been wasted - which makes me think less of this film than I should.

The production and performances are all good.Kristen Stewart is very good, but maybe she is stereotyped in my eyes as it took me twenty minutes to shake the feeling that she was on her way to a Halloween party dressed as "the real slim shady" when this all kicked off.

A good enough movie but with a tiny bit more work and a little more nerve this would have easily been an absolute classic people were talking about for the next fifty years.
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