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Two losers from Milwaukee, Coop & Remer, invent a new game playing basketball, using baseball rules. When the game becomes a huge success, they, along with a billionaire's help, form the Professional Baseketball League where everyone gets the same pay and no team can change cities. Coop & Remer's team, the Milwaukee Beers is the only team standing in the way of major rule changes that the owner of the Dallas Felons wants to institute.


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Live action 'South Park'

Okay, so 'Baseketball' hasn't really got anything to do with the adult cult animated TV show, but it stars both its writers/creators and is basically the same sense of humour, i.e. adult. In short? if you like South Park, you should like 'Baseketball.' It's about two losers (Trey and Matt – the men behind South Park) who invent a new game which is basically a cross between basketball and baseball in their driveway.

Before long it becomes a national pastime. As with South Park, a lot of the humour is vulgar, crude, disgusting and totally 'adult' in nature. You could be forgiven for thinking that Baseketball is nothing more than a low-brow gross-out comedy (and you may have a point!), but, also like South Park, it has its moments of satire and social commentary that raise it to more than just Trey and Matt's version of 'American Pie.'

The jokes come thick and fast and, if you've seen Trey and Matt in action, you'll realise that they're basically playing themselves. Yes, there is some character development (believe it or not!), but the film is geared towards laughs over story and plot. And, because of this, it totally succeeds. As soon as you sit down to watch it, you'll be able to predict where exactly it's going, but don't let that put you off. So I'll end where I basically began by saying that if you like South Park (and I do!), you'll enjoy this.

Dumb movie, but I didn't hate it

David Zucker really never came close to what he accomplished with Airplane! and I would hope that by the 90's he realized he never would. BASEketball makes me think that he did have this revelation because this movie is just pure amounts of dumb. It stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park. They play two jobless bums named Coop and Remer who invent a game that combines baseball and basketball. Their game is picked up by Ted Denslow and major league BASEketball becomes a sensation that returns sports to their original and more respectable roots. But when Denslow dies, others want to cash in on the opportunity to make BASEketball a profitable industry. The film is fairly funny and it satirizes professional sports very wittily in some instances, but it eventually boils down to another cookie cutter storyline that lacks that thing called originality.

BASEketball has a great opening. It chronicles a fictional history of professional sports that has some great satire worked in. Then it goes on to introduce the two main characters and I will say that Parker and Stone are pretty funny in this film. Their characters are very uncreative and fall perfectly into the quirky lose stereotype, but Parker and Stone definitely pull the stereotype off well. The story goes on to introduce a love interest, Jenna Reed, that the two leads fight over. This is where things really start to go downhill. As if I haven't seen this scenario in every movie ever. It can be a funny scenario in some instances, but in BASEketball I wanted that subplot to be gone as soon as it arrived. But of course it carried all the way to the end of the film. No surprise there.

The amazing thing is that this film isn't good, and it is really dumb, but strangely enough I don't hate this film like I do other lame comedies. I guess it is because this movie honestly is funny. It banks on some really easy laughs and some cheap jokes, but it at least amused me. I won't deny that I laughed out loud during this film and its crudeness really brings a smile to your face. This movie is unapologetically vulgar and obscene and it doesn't hold back. As silly and stupid as it is, I can't knock it from a purely comic standpoint.

I would never watch this film again, as it isn't a good film. But I don't regret watching it because I did laugh and it did entertain me for what it's worth. Parker and Stone are very funny and I definitely think they need to star in more films together. This is just another comedy where the story isn't whats important, it's the jokes, and luckily the jokes are actually pretty funny. I can't call BASEketball a good film, but I can't call it a piece of crap either.


Finally, a comedy that actually makes you laugh THROUGHOUT the whole movie! These days, it seems like most of the comedies are boring and lame, and don't really have jokes that make you laugh; it's all forced. But I actually laughed while watching BASEketball.

The story is about two best friends who take a game that they created and and played in their backyard, to an official national sport. They then face problems along the way and try to solve them.

The primary characters are Joe Cooper - played by Trey Parker - and Doug Remer - by Matt Stone. They are both portrayed splendidly and humourisly. The acting didn't lack anything and it was near perfect! Joe Cooper is the serious, responsible one that has his principles and goals. Whereas Doug Remer is the loose, spoiled one. In a way, they're a perfect match.

The secondary characters are Jenna Reed - played by Yasmine Bleeth - and Squeak Scolari - by Dian Bachar. They add a lot to the story, and make it all the more better. Jenna works for a foundation that helps sick kids, and both Joe and Doug are attracted to her. Squeak is hilarious, and is Joe and Doug's teammate and friend.

The story is unique, like the sport, and funny. It was really well written and produced. Certainly one to talk about for decades, and one of a kind.

You should definitely watch this movie! It would be a waste if you don't, since it's one of the funniest movies ever.
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