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Horror | Mystery
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94 min
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4.1 / 10 
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Directors: Nicolas Pesce [Director] ,

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After a young housewife murders her family in her own house, a single mother and young detective tries to investigate and solve the case. Later, she discovers the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death. Now, she runs to save herself and her son from demonic spirits from the cursed house in her neighborhood.


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Not THAT bad

Holy crap, people love jumping on a bandwagon to absolutely drag a movie. I especially doubt many of you actually enjoying the horror genre.What you were expecting from a nearly twenty year old franchise? I'm seriously surprised they haven't gone to space with Ju-on.Honestly, this one isn't as bad as the cool kids will lead you to believe. It honestly tells a really nice ghost story with some pretty credible folks infront and behind the camera.

The Grudge Film Review - Nicolas Pesce Directs Andrea Riseborough In A Japanese Curse That Won't Go Quietly

January is a cold grey month and this is the first of the horror season. The Grudge reboot directed by Nicolas Pesce, and produced by horror master Sam Raimi, sees a woman return from Japan to the US, and the curse we met in the original comes with her. Created in sorrow or rage the violent Japanese spirit happily continues until the whole family ends up dead. Well almost the whole family, as someone needs to stay around as a parasite for the next host.

The Grudge continues feeding off those who enter the haunted house, with the detective who investigated unable to shake off the case, and his religious partner, who didn't enter the house, trying to keep him safe. While a grisly new discovery invites us to look anew at the case.

Terrific Andrea Riseborough is Detective Muldoon, the newly widowed partner of Demián Bichir's Detective Goodman. It was his partner who investigated the original murder/suicide at 44 Reyburn Drive, and he never speaks of it now. But Muldoon is drawn to the house after they discover the body they found, had stayed there. We expect the house to be empty but horror regular Lin Shaye is living there. Or just about living there. And so it begins again, with Muldoon investigating the subsequent deaths associated with the house, each suffering an emotional loss or trauma, and being haunted by the original family. Hanging on the back of Muldoon's own loss is just plain cruel, although we never see her grieving. She has a son to look after. But this spirit is ruthless!!

With plenty of creaks, croaks and shadows (put the lights on!!), from cinematographer Zack Galler, and clever gore from the make-up and special effects. To be honest there were not enough jump-scares for me, but Nicolas Pesce introduces just enough dread to keep it interesting, I like the supernatural, with a top notch cast game for the shocks.

A little slow and not horror more of a drama and psychological tbriller

I think the main miss and why people hate this movie is it is pimped as a horror movie and it isn't. It is more or less a drama / psychological thriller loosely tied to the original. But instead of rolling out the story you are backtracking events since we arrived in America. I think if people realized the genre jump it would have been received better. It is still creepy and dark but not true horror. I really don't understand the remake comments, it clearly wasn't even a remake or attempt to be, in hindsight after they wrapped up all the story lines it was much better than expected. It was slow though and not horror more psychological thriller. For a 90 minute film it was fine. And they could again add another movie.
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