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The Elder boys return to Clearwater, Texas for their Mother's funeral. John, the eldest, is a well-known gunfighter and trouble follows him wherever he goes. The boys try to get their ranch back from the town's gunsmith who won it from their father in a card game, after which he was murdered. Troubles come, however, just because they carry the Elder name.


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A solid John Wayne Western

Following the death of Katie Elder her four sons return to their home town of Clearwater, Texas for her funeral. Some in the town are nervous about the return of eldest son John as he is known to be a gun fighter. Particularly nervous is Morgan Hastings; the man who acquired the Elder's property in less than clear circumstances six months previously at the same time Katie's husband was shot by an unknown man. As events unfold tensions rise and the brothers find themselves pursued for a crime they didn't commit.

If you are a fan of classic westerns then this is certainly worth watching. It has John Wayne on fine form as John Elder; a character we just know won't be as bad as his reputation in the town suggests as well as Dean Martin as card playing brother Tom. There is some good action; most notably a couple of gun fights towards the end. We also get a fun fist fight between the brothers although it is clear that some blows don't really connect. While the film isn't a comedy there is a very funny scene involving Tom's attempts to get free drinks involving a glass eye! As well as the two big names the cast is solid although there is a somewhat unrealistic age gap between oldest and youngest of the brothers. Overall I'd definitely recommend this to fans of the genre.

Routine outing for 2 charismatic stars

A fun action-adventure vehicle for John Wayne, this time rekindling his partnership with Dean Martin as they and their brothers attempt to track down the murder of their father who also stole their family home forcing their mother into relative poverty. It's an unremarkable outing for the stars; James Gregory does put in a good performance as the baddie and the last 20 minutes make for an exciting climax.

Good Western Made Great By A Fantastic Cast

Shortly after John Wayne's character has a conversation with the town sheriff he says "You're trying awfully hard NOT to tell me something " That's pretty much the plot of this movie... four brothers trying to find out what happened to their parents and to the family homestead. Great performances make a so so script come alive. Even the supporting actors were really good making this John Wayne / Dean Martin western a must see. A great watch for all western fans.
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