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Action | Thriller
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108 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Coralie Fargeat [Director] ,

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Never take your mistress on an annual guys' getaway, especially one devoted to hunting - a violent lesson for three wealthy married men.


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A B movie with a title that says it all with what you can expect.

Revenge (4 out of 5 stars).

Revenge says it all with the plot. It is a French movie with most subtitles and some in English. It is that rape and revenge action film. It is bloody, gritty, and can be disturbing. But seeing Matilda Lutz being a flirty, wanting to be a star personality to being a gun toting bada** female is awesome. Revenge feels like an experimental type of film. It has its style with low dialogue script, cinematography work that tries to capture a perfect lighting/shadow setting, and an electronic music score by Rob.

The plot begins with Jen (Matilda Lutz) flying with a French millionaire Richard (Kevin Janssens) to a distant and isolated home in the middle of the desert. They begin their affair when Richard told his wife and kids he is out on a hunting trip with his friends. When his friends Stan and Dimitri show up. They have a wild night party. When Richard is out away. Stan rapes Jen. When Richard finds out, he does not care. He tries to bribe Jen from keeping it to herself. She escapes and is pushed off the cliff and falling to her death when she gets impaled by a dead tree. She survives the fall and severely wounded. And the three man find out she is out there in the desert alive. They go hunting for her while she prepares to go on revenge on all three men.

The film is very fast moving. The opening scene with the reflection on Richard's sunglasses on a helicopter and Jen's queen B attitude. The film focuses on Jen's development and how she is affected from the assault. She suffers through a lot but gets back up to stop those men from getting away with what they have done. Next thing you know she is picking one guy off at a time as they are out in the desert with their off road bikes and jeep looking for her.

Be aware, the movie is bloody and graphic. Especially, the self-patching the wounds. And the bloody climax of the movie were Jen and Richard are shooting at each other in a house with shot guns. And a dizzying chase in the house with the hallways getting more bloody as they encounter each other. And also the nudity feels more gratuitous with a nude guy fighting Jen.

The movie does have its style with its electronic music. With plenty of camera angle butt shots when Jen is wearing skimpy outfits or her bloody warrior look in the final half hour of the movie.

Matilda Lutz is a beautiful actress. Seeing her become a bloody fierce warrior is amazing. Her performance is outstanding. I would like to see her do more films.

Overall, Revenge is a good action thriller. The direction has a sense of feminine power and a stylish outlook with music, camera angles, and lighting. The plot is a simple revenge story. It is a gritty and bloody movie. It can be intense in some scenes.

A good time

Other than Matilda Lutz being super beautiful, and the director made a point of implying the rape, instead of showing it, I would say that it was the average rape revenge movie, But so what?! I had a good time, and at least it didn't look super cheap like other rape revenge movies. Ignore the complaints. The people who are complaining are taking it way too seriously. You're supposed to have fun with this type of movie

That was fun! a kid back in the 80's,going to the videostore and picking up a VHS and watching it with red ears.Yes sure,..plotholes all over the place. And zero storyline. Just revenge...But the beautful shots,the music,the tension,the insane gore.No Hollywood blockbuster, But the perfect Bmovie.
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