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In 1962, Tony "Tony Lip" Vallelonga, a tough bouncer, is looking for work with his nightclub is closed for renovations. The most promising offer turns out to be the driver for the African-American classical pianist Don Shirley for a concert tour into the Deep South states. Although hardly enthused at working for a black man, Tony accepts the job and they begin their trek armed with The Negro Motorist Green Book, a travel guide for safe travel through America's racial segregation. Together, the snobbishly erudite pianist and the crudely practical bouncer can barely get along with their clashing attitudes to life and ideals. However, as the disparate pair witness and endure America's appalling injustices on the road, they find a newfound respect for each other's talents and heart to face them together. In doing so, they would nurture a friendship and understanding that would change both their lives.


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It takes a lot of courage to change people's thinking.

The film, from which at first did not expect delight. The film, behind the ease of irony which hides a deep meaning. A film that you watch without stopping, although this is far from a blockbuster that you have been waiting for for years. It's all about Peter Farinelli's Green Book.

The plot tells of a journey through the southern states of a talented black pianist (Mahershala Ali) and his bouncer driver, hired solely for this tour (Viggo Mortenessen). Minor at first sight and a little bydlovaty hero Mortensen during this uncomplicated journey becomes for an esthete pianist a true friend, support and even a treasure of useful knowledge about life and society, and he draws from the boss useful skills in aesthetics, love of art and good parenting.

The plot is very simple, the film looks incredibly easy. Dialogues are written ironically, absolutely not boring, but at the same time they remain filled with meaning for the viewer. The relationship between the characters is the main motive of the film. And how could so different people in all respects be able to become each other friends for life in a few weeks?

It should be noted that the leitmotif of 'racism', which at that time was still extremely common in America, especially in the south, was incredibly subtly written. All these hotels are for 'colored', individual cafes, pools and even latrines .. the nuances of that time in the film are shown perfectly, and so that you yourself feel ashamed that this existed. I literally wanted to stand up and give the characters in the face in several scenes.

Surprisingly, the director Peter Farinelli had previously shot mostly comedies (and mostly with his brother), and this is his first film in the comedy drama genre. From my point of view, he handled it perfectly and I would love to see what else he would film later, although I can't say before that I set him apart as an interesting director. Perhaps it was the fact that the film was made only by Peter Farenelli very strongly contributed to the 'nobility' of the picture in terms of humor.

The funny fact is that one of the screenwriters of the film is Nick Vallelonga, his father was the prototype of the main character Frank (Tony Chatterun) Vallelonga. The script was written on the basis of dictation records made by Nick Vallelonga. Later on these records, Viggo Mortensen learns to speak Italian, because his hero is Italian.

The film was shot in the spirit of the 60s, beautiful cars of that time are very well shown, the art of the costume, the receptions in the large houses of the rich public (some 'Gone with the Wind' is immediately remembered)

This film is simple, kind, sincere. Without any strain, without life horrors, you know, where someone dies, someone is killed or someone is in prison. The atmosphere of the film is "soft" and light. You literally find yourself in this time, with terrific cars of all colors of the rainbow, men in flawless day costumes of all colors, gentlemen with whiskey at the bar in hotels listening to the brilliant pianist.

The Green Book is not a picture of slavery, racism and humiliation, although it touches on these topics. The Green Book is a film about honesty, human dignity, true friendship and mutual support between people. The film is about the fact that it is very difficult to change the ingrained thinking of society alone, even if you are brilliant and famous.

By viewing required.

A review as a respons to other (negative) reviews.

I understad why a lot of critic's don't like this film, but at the same time I feel like they're making up their minds about what they think the movie is - or should - be about. They (who disagree with the film) will say that it diminishes the horrors that the black community faced in America during the 50's - and because of that they think it's a bad film. But I thought it was a good film; in my opinion it's not a movie about Shirley and his struggles facing ruthless racism - it's about Tony Lip's psychologically reforming journey changing his mind about black people through the witnessing of Shirley's experiences. And it's that central story line the critics are disagreeing with and eschews the whole film on the premiss that it should've been about something else (Shirley journey - not Tony's).

There are thousands - if not millions - of films about racism towards black people and their culture, and Green Book had a different perspective than the rest of them - by not focusing on the racism but on how the racism changed a man who wasn't a target of it. But that's obviously a big no-no according to these critics.

To me Green Book is about a white man thoroughly changing his whole mindset about something that he'd been condition to abide to his whole life.

A Way Too Simple Movie of Zeitgeist

Most of the reviewers here state how important the message of the movie is. I will play the advocatus diaboli here: I don't care about the message of a movie without entertainment - in the first place by watching a movie I want to be entertained and not educated.

Green Book is that kind of movie that you make in our times if you want the applause of today's Hollywood's p.c. crowd (remember Shape of the Water!?), add some known actors and you can grap easy some prices here and there. 2nd choice: make something about saving nature. Creativity!? Daring!? Uniqueness!? None.

Anyway, the message of course is one already told many times before (e.g. The Intouchables, Driving Miss Daisy to name some obvious ones), but I admit the actors work well.

Well, today's Hollywood crowd seems to be rather some bunch of social workers and educationalists than artists - by the way, I find it really somehow rather comical that those rich guys and gals try to tell me how to live to save nature, considering how many different estates/big houses and other stuff like cars and planes those people got. Just imagine for a moment in what kind of state the Earth would be if all 8 billion people on Earth would live that kind of life-style of those true lovers and preachers of Mother Earth...

Back to Green Book: a rather mediocre and rather powerless movie (just compare it with a masterpiece like In the Heat of the Night) with some funny moments and solid acting, but with a story obviously fishing for compliments and applause - and some Oscars.
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