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Follow Alex Honnold as he becomes the first person to ever free solo climb Yosemite's 3,000ft high El Capitan Wall. With no ropes or safety gear, he completed arguably the greatest feat in rock climbing history.


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Some strange choices in this film

You expect an awe-inspiring and, dare I say it, fun movie. What you get (if I may exaggerate a little) is 90 minutes of Alex's girlfriend complaining about how he doesn't say "I love you" and people saying he's an autist, and 15 minutes of incredible climbing footage.

I understand that it's an attempt at exploring the mental and social side of Honnold's free soloing. But it ends up kind of painting Sanni as a clingy burden and Alex as basically a lizard person. I mean he's a top-level Yosemite climber, of course he's a little kookoo, is it really necessary to belabor that?

Another gripe, Alex Honnold is actually a pretty funny person, which let's say, does not exactly transpire in this grim, forlorn, oppressive narrative.

To sum up: The climbing is like nothing I've ever seen, grandiose. The peeks into Honnold's mindset do hold some interest. But I'm really weirded out by the general tone and choice of focus made in this film. Since it was published, I guess the participants were all OK with their depictions and that's fine, but I can't say I enjoyed it all that much.

Not sure if stupid or incredible

Though I much prefer the documentary The Dawn Wall, this death defying climb doc is very exciting in its final moments. It's truly an amazing feat done by a suicidal, misanthropic athlete who prefers not to use safety gear. I didn't care for most of the documentary, because I don't find Alex to be a very sympathetic character, and I also think it focused too much on his dating life. He is who he is, and I respect that, but watching him share his opinions on love, relationships with others, and the importance of life in general was underwhelming to say the least. Whether he was putting on a bad boy show for the camera, or he really is this detached emotionally, his stubborn world view made him unlikable (to me at least). The results speak for themselves, and what he did was nothing short of incredible (-ly stupid).

Show The Climb!

I waited patiently to see this film. I have been a fan of Alex Honnold, and was looking forward to witnessing his feat of free climbing El Capitan! It was mildly interesting to see him build his relationship with his girlfriend; which turned out to be the bulk of the film.

The "Climb" was left to the last 15 min or so of the film. Finally, I thought: Here it comes: then to my dismay, it was rushed and little line-drawings illustrated where he had traveled.

I understand that the camera crew wanted to give him space and allow him to do his thing, but the Director & Editor could have shown more than 3 seconds of what he was doing at a time. Instead, we have footage of the film crew / friends having a hard time with the process. The Entire film was a build up to a mild pay-off. I got zero sense of what was happening.

A very long trailer for a film that was never to be.
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