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Drama | Horror
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100 min
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Christopher Landon [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Having survived the farcical but utterly life-threatening events in Happy Death Day (2017), the feisty sorority sister, Tree Gelbman, finds herself in the same college dorm, thankful to be alive. However, this time, it's Carter's roommate, Ryan, who claims that he is reliving the same paradoxical day over and over again, as a mysterious paranoid killer in a single-toothed baby-faced mask with a big kitchen knife has made a habit of murdering him. Under those circumstances, a valiant but vain attempt to face the challenge, once more, will send Tree back to square one, trapped in an all too familiar and blood-drenched time loop. How many deaths separate Tree from a truly happy birthday?


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Can't Watch anymore

I did a review on the first one as a hidden gem, it was great and I was pleasantly surprised. This sequel is the exact opposite, I can't even finish!

First was decent, this was terrible

This movie almost feels like one of those silly parody movies like Vampires Suck, the last couple Scary Movie entries, you get the point. The first one tried to be serious, while this almost felt like a straight up comedy. None of it seemed very realistic, it was confusing, the acting was below par. Like they just threw together a quick idea and went with it. I was honestly looking forward to it cause I actually enjoyed the first one, but I could hardly even pay attention to this one it was so bad.

Enjoyed it very much.

Loved the first movie because the actors did a fantastic job meshing slasher and comedy. This sequel, while not as intense as the first, still was highly entertaining. It's not Citizen Kane, but this genre isn't supposed to be. The acting again made me laugh all the way to the very end while still holding the "who is the killer?!" suspense with all the alternate realities.

The actors make these movie-especially the lead actress. The cast are believable in an unbelievable setting and blend well together.

It's a fun popcorn movie for sure.
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