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24 fps
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103 min
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5.8 / 10 
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Directors: Louisa Warren [Director] ,

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Ingrid and her siblings are on the run from the Beserkers who have begun invading the villages, taking over, savagely using the residents on a game where they vs a Beserker, and if they win, they get to survive - only, no one ever wins. The siblings are trying to escape the Beserkers after they violently murdered and took over their town. However, the Beserkers are on their trail, and want to put them in the game.


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Berserkers were an "elite" fighting force of Vikings (so to speak), so why they are fighting Vikings in this movie is beyond me. Six minutes in and I'm out. What a waste of time.

below average

The characters chosen for the film look more like wine than warriorsthe name of the film has nothing to do with the film is a waste of time

Simply wrong

Everything with this movie is wrong. The costumes, the setting, the speaker.It claims to be in Shetland Islands and at the same time it hoovers over a inland forest river. The fights is as convincing as if my children would had been stuntcoordinators and the pace is so slow you fall azzz...
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